3 May 2010

Monday Happiness

Monday happiness because its a bank holiday here in Jersey and the UK, and I got to spend some of it checking out the vivid and Punch exhibition, which is currently running at the white space Gallery in Gorey Village at the Jersey Pottery. You may recall that I wrote about vivid and Punch a while ago here, the pieces are actually much better in the flesh so to speak, the colours are truly stunning and I can imagine just how much work and time went onto restoring each of these items, having tried my hand at upholstery once before it can be a long process.

This little chair really stands out, and would look spectacular in a room, the colours are so vivid, on of my favourites.
and i really like these two chairs, very whimsical .

Though these lovelies would certainly leave a dent in your wallet, ranging in price from £800 to £6,000 but if your looking for something just that little bit more special well they would certainly be something of a talking piece, and a family heir loom of the future.
For more information on these visit www.vividandpunch.co.uk

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