7 May 2010

9 by Design

All week I have been getting snippets of a Us TV programme called 9 by design. It started on flickr when some one added me, and you know how its goes, you check out who is checking you out, and I looked though the photos and saw pictures untitled Sixx Design, umm intriguing I thought, so I googled as you do, which lead me to here and then here, and its been like that all week, getting more and more snippets here and there, and more and more interested and slightly excited and wanting to see more, you kind of get the feeling when something is going to be big don't you, so if you haven't heard of the Novogratz (sounds like it is pounced no regrets, which from what I can tell by this family is probably pretty accurate) you soon will!
Basically, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, have baby then another one or two or three, out grow and do up a home or two along the way, move, have a few more babies, move again, and then somewhere between having babies and doing up homes, they think 'hey we're good at this home doing up thing' so they start a design business called Sixx Design, then along comes a TV company and say 'lets make a programme about you, your family and your stylish design business.....
and there you have it, 9 by Design.

I love those huge glass vases, and the chairs and table, modern yet with a splash of traditional. More Photos from Apartment Therapy where you can find an interview with the family and more shots of the great family home.

Anybody know it we are likly to get this show in the UK? I can't view most of the footage as I'm out side the USA.

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