31 May 2010

Monday Happiness

Well I'm back from my short whirlwind trip to France, and as it is a bank holiday in the UK I have been making the most of some down time today, so not much blogging, but I'll fill you in on my trip sometime this week but for now I will leave you with the yummy image above taken st. Malo.

25 May 2010

Monday happiness, a little late.

hello how are you all, I'm a little late blogging this week, that cold that I had last week has been hanging around all weekend and i have been feeling a little off colour, i did start blogging last night, got as far a uploading the picture above, then gave up. The wild flowers above where picked by a friends little boy who came for a BBQ on Sunday, and I just love them, such pretty colours and so simple.

I'm off to France again on Thursday so things are probably going to be a bit quite around here until Monday, all being well we plan another trip to Ikea in Rennes, i really could just move into an ikeas store and be a very happy person....

See you back here on Monday!

21 May 2010

Friday Feeling..

Well I'm signing off for the weekend, and to tell you the truth I'm glad the week is over, I have been feeling a little under the weather with a summer cold, just my luck, as it begins to get warmer and feel like summer i get a cold! Anyway, but before I go i will leave you with this link for some great tutorials on photography. I have been reading through them all week and that's one of my photos above which I had a play with using the advice in tutorial 4 (i think) Enjoy!

Ikea Family Live

On my last visit to Ikea i picked up the Ikea Family Live magazine, and fell in love with the home of Magnus and his family. Well you can now view more of their home over at the Ikea Family Live website.
With a mixture of furniture from 60s and 70s, items bought at auction and a fair splash of Ikea around the home, it creates a relaxed family friendly space to work rest and play in.
I love how bright and airy the space feels, yet that lovely herringbone floor adds warmth, along with the splashes of colour in the soft furnishings

All imiages Ikea

19 May 2010

mid century modern

Currently we are seeing a rival of what is called mid century modern, furniture from the 50s 60s and 70s, and if you are in your 30s-40s, its probably a look you remember your parents having. Items such as the teak sideboard adorned with a teak deer, took pride of place in the living room, and the dinning table and chairs all matched, heck you may even of had some flying ducks on the wall!

Its a style that many a high street store is re-creating with a bang up to date feel, pop into habitat or Ikea and you are bound to come across a sideboard or two, check out the Orla Kiely sideboard too.
But you can get this look much more cheaply by searching through the thrift/Charity stores, there are some real gems to be found out there as people are finding out. (see below living etc forum)

Pictures above all from Living etc Forum

Design sponge above

Picture above Ikea family live

See also Ecrol flickr and blog for more inspiration.

13 May 2010

Spotting a trend.

I have noticed that advertising posters are making there way onto the walls of our homes more so lately, anything from movie star bill board posters of Audrey Hepburn films, to 70s sun tanning creams. If you can get the real thing all the better, and great places to look for them are in auctions, charity/thrift shops, and house clearance sales. The top poster (above) is from an online shop called Zazzle and has a large selection of advertising style posters. well worth a ganders.
A few years back we went to visit Annecy in France, very beautiful place to visit, right on the lake, and i remember seeing lots of skiing posters around as souvenirs, I only wish I had bought some home with me. St. Malo too also usually has pretty advertising posters pasted to the walls of the streets and shops, there is always something going on in the summer months to be advertising about, next time I go over I will see if I can peel one or two off the walls and bring them home.
What about you, do you have any fab posters on your walls at home, maybe something picked up from your holidays, or found in a thrift shop?

Granny Chic.

Granny chic, is a trend that is growing in popularity, I think it kind-a falls in between being thrifty and the vintage style, and I think this trend is a look that the young twenty somethings are into. I was at my local charity shop recently and while I ambled around I noticed two young women busy filling up their trolley with some truly vintage/granny items, I'm talking old suit cases, paper dollies, glass cake stands, and crocheted items.

If Granny chic is your thing then check out the flickr streem above, I spent a while getting lost in there.

Quirky heirloom throw Anthropologie
Wham bam coasters Anthropologie
And Anthropologie have some lovley vintage/granny chic items that will just nmake you feel comfy and cosy, just like tea with Gran!

12 May 2010

To match or not to match?

When it comes to your dinning chairs so they all match or do you like to mix things a little? In our house most of the time they match, but when we have guest over or all the family for a meal, well we have to start collecting up different seating from all parts of the house, we have been known to have used a small folding step ladder before now!

Made by Girl

Apartment Therapy

source escapes me at the moment

Personally I like the last picture, all slightly similar but all slightly different, that white chair in the middle...I have one just like that. Charity/thrift shops are a great place to find such finds as these. So how about you, to match or not to match?

10 May 2010

Monday Happiness +Folksy Finds

Its Monday all over again, how did your weekend go, did you discover anything new? Today I found a step by step post on how to create pieces of art using the lino block printing method. This is something that has fascinated me ever since I first spotted art done using this technique by shop sellers on Folksy. Having blogged about folksy finds ( here, and here) and lino printing before I thought I would take another look to see what is new, so I stopped by some shops on Folksy today and here are a few that stood out to me. Enjoy.

I just love the use of colour in these examples above, so bright and cheerful. These ones are available from the shop seller Zoe and her shop is called Zebedee. i'm lovign the building print with jsut two colours.

Don't you just love that orange chicken? These lovely birds are available from Alison Deegan, you can find her shop by clicking here. also check out the Handprinted by A. Deegan blog here, and see how those chickens where made.

and finally these beachy inspired lino prints are brought to you by fiona Carver. Very timely for the summer months ahead of us don't you think.
Do you have a favourite from the selction above? for me its a close contest beween the building print by Zebedee and the lovely orange chicken by Alison Deegan.

7 May 2010

9 by Design

All week I have been getting snippets of a Us TV programme called 9 by design. It started on flickr when some one added me, and you know how its goes, you check out who is checking you out, and I looked though the photos and saw pictures untitled Sixx Design, umm intriguing I thought, so I googled as you do, which lead me to here and then here, and its been like that all week, getting more and more snippets here and there, and more and more interested and slightly excited and wanting to see more, you kind of get the feeling when something is going to be big don't you, so if you haven't heard of the Novogratz (sounds like it is pounced no regrets, which from what I can tell by this family is probably pretty accurate) you soon will!
Basically, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, have baby then another one or two or three, out grow and do up a home or two along the way, move, have a few more babies, move again, and then somewhere between having babies and doing up homes, they think 'hey we're good at this home doing up thing' so they start a design business called Sixx Design, then along comes a TV company and say 'lets make a programme about you, your family and your stylish design business.....
and there you have it, 9 by Design.

I love those huge glass vases, and the chairs and table, modern yet with a splash of traditional. More Photos from Apartment Therapy where you can find an interview with the family and more shots of the great family home.

Anybody know it we are likly to get this show in the UK? I can't view most of the footage as I'm out side the USA.

6 May 2010

More Ikea Love.

When I spotted this bit of Ikea inspiration over at Bright Bazaar then I just had to share it, as I'm currently loving all things Ikea at the moment.... did I mention that I have been to Ikea in Rennes France? Hubby and I where planning on going back to St. Malo last weekend but the weather was not that great so we are putting it off until I can go on another Ikea Shopping trip with the car.

Take a look and let me know which scheme you are favour the best.

4 May 2010

Magazine of the month

Did you have a good long weekend? I hope so, I can't believe that its actually Tuesday evening already! I'm just putting my feet up with a mug of tea and the Ideal Home magazine before deciding about what to have for dinner tonight.

Junes 2010 edition of Ideal Home will get you in the mood for some summer decorating, (even though I have pulled on thick tights and winter boots....its gotten chilly again!) and there is a lovely two page spread of Orla Kiely (below) on page 14 and 15, i love those retro stem leafy designs in bold colours don't you?

Want to be your own interior designer? then you will find some great tips from pages 77-84, see how to get the sea side look (above) inspired by rock pools and sand, its so pretty.
And on page 104-105 there is one of the best garage conversions I have seen in a while, see how Terry Smith and Jude Viscardi bought and turned a dilapidated garage into a stunning two bed home, with more ideas for an unloved garage on pages 106-107, but if you want to see those you'll have to go and buy the magazine!
Also with this issue Free bunting for you to cut out and use (I'm thinking of what to do with mine) and a 7 page promotion special from Home Sense who i think are slowly taking over the world with there budget breaking homes wares.

All images Ideal Home Magazine

3 May 2010

Monday Happiness

Monday happiness because its a bank holiday here in Jersey and the UK, and I got to spend some of it checking out the vivid and Punch exhibition, which is currently running at the white space Gallery in Gorey Village at the Jersey Pottery. You may recall that I wrote about vivid and Punch a while ago here, the pieces are actually much better in the flesh so to speak, the colours are truly stunning and I can imagine just how much work and time went onto restoring each of these items, having tried my hand at upholstery once before it can be a long process.

This little chair really stands out, and would look spectacular in a room, the colours are so vivid, on of my favourites.
and i really like these two chairs, very whimsical .

Though these lovelies would certainly leave a dent in your wallet, ranging in price from £800 to £6,000 but if your looking for something just that little bit more special well they would certainly be something of a talking piece, and a family heir loom of the future.
For more information on these visit www.vividandpunch.co.uk

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