26 Apr 2010

Whats on your book shelf?

Have you checked out your Homes and interiors books on your book shelf lately, which ones do you look through time and time again, do you have an old favourite that you just love?
Last week while looking through my collection of Homes' books I pulled out Sense of Style: Space, by Shannon Fricke, a book which I bought at the Grand Design Live Show a couple of years back in London.
Sense of Style: Space is all about creating a home that is individual to you, about surrounding you space with things you love, and letting the space say who you are. It reminds me a little of ETC by Sibella Court but a bit more gently and no so full on. And I had forgotten just how well illustrated this book is.
Today while out shopping I picked up the March-April edition of Inside Out magazine and as I flicked through the pages who should I spot but Shannon Fricke, talking about goals and dreams, and not giving up. This is something that I can relate to as I am still chasing-waiting to do an interior decorating course at my local college, but for one reason or another it is some how just out of reach, not enough money, not enough space, course not running until next September, etc etc. So as Shannon says 'if at first you don't succeed, then try try again...
You can also follow Shannon's blog at http://www.shannonfricke.blogspot.com/.

If you would like to purchase Sense of style: Space by Shannon Fricke then click here

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