16 Apr 2010

Spring in a bottle.

While at the Garden Center earlier on in the week, a range of natural household cleaners caught my eye, all lined up on the shelves like a little army ready for spring cleaning, and as I have been in the spring cleaning mood I slipped a bottle of spring into my basket, Maison belle spring by Isabella Smith, to be exact. As I hadn't seen it before I followed the web address www.isabellasmith.com and did a bit of googling and discovered that Isabella Smith is a bit of a hit in Denmark, she has been described as Denmark's answer to Martha Stewart, Isabella is a TV presenter, writer and designer, and also launched Maison belle, a line of Eco friendly, household products and home wares. You can read a bit more about her and see pictures of her lovely home, just click here.

This weekend I will be putting my new purchase to good use and spritzing here there and just about every where, this little bottle is good to go on walls, floors, doors, ceilings, cabinets, toys, tiles and many more surfaces.....I could be busy all weekend...

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