6 Apr 2010

Punchy little numbers.

Well good evening to you all, I hope you had a good weekend, I keep thinking today is Monday, and having to remind myself that its Tuesday already, a short week this week, Yeah! I had a productive weekend, left to myself for most of it, hubby had to work, and my two girls went off and did there own thing, (sometimes its nice not to be running around after every one) so I made the most of having the house to myself and made the DIY destination bus roll that I have been meaning to have a go at for a while, which I posted about it here
I also spent some time looking through past magazines and tear outs that where sitting on my desk, and amongst them there was an article from a local magazine about a new local company called Vivid and punch.
Vivid and Punch is made up of two local Jersey Artists Karen Allenet and Jayne Herbert who together are responsible for the amazing re-upholstered antique and original pieces of furniture you see here.

All Pictures from Vivid and Punch

I particularly like the 1960s danish arm chairs, with what looks like an old couple gazing at each other from one chair to the next, kinda whimsical and quirky.

These beautiful pieces of furniture are bespoke, using original items sourced from auctions both local and from France, and vintage panels of fabric, needlepoint's and personal items to create unique pieces of art.

At the end of the month the ladies are planning a month long exhibition, and all being well, I plan to pop along to see more of the ladies work. you can check out these items online too, at www.vividandpunch.co.uk, or they are available to buy here.

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