14 Apr 2010

Planting around..

Ikea catalog 2010 a favourite room setting of mine.

While flicking through my Ikea catalog the other day, it struck me that in just about every room setting those very talented specially bred Ikea stylists use some kind of plant or flower, and on having a quick glance around my living room, decided that's just what it needed, and as plants are known to help clean the air in the home, I thought it was about time I added one or two. So I hot footed it off to one of my Local Garden Centres (Ransoms Garden Centre)yesterday evening and bought myself one trailing ivy. I choose this one because I need something that is hard to kill off, many a plant has ended up shrivelled and withered in our house, because quite frankly I'm not the best person in the world at looking after plants, but this one looked like it could take a bit of miss treatment. So into the basket it went.
And I have to say that this little ivy really does bring a feeling of life and movement to the room, and I swear the air smells better already, its just a case of deciding where to place it now......
on my computer table?

or on the tea chest, which is now the right way up by the way.

maybe on top of the TV

how about the on some books
on the coffee table?

on the edge of the book shelf?

How about you are you a plant of fresh cut flowers person, have you paid them some attention lately??
And speaking of Ikea, Hubby is treating me to a couple of days in France, we will be driving up to Rennes to see the newish (I think it opened last summer) Ikea, and if I'm really lucky and we don't get lost in Rennes I may also find Habitat! Soo excited...

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  1. I think you need to go buy some more of these! I especially like it on your computer table.
    I often wonder why we don't see more plants in 'dwell' magazines - kudos to the Ikea people! I have a few in my house, but there are some that frankly I should just say goodbye to and buy new. Compared to the cost of cut flowers, a new green plant every 6 months is hardly extravagant!


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