19 Apr 2010

Monday Happiness.

Monday happiness because of two reasons, firstly MY GIRLS ARE HOME! yeah! I did miss them loads, not the mess that two girls of 19 and 20 make you understand, but just having them around the home, there is always something going on with two girls (3 including me ) around, plenty of chatter and laughter.

The other reason that its Monday happiness is because this morning I spent it with Hubby getting ready for Friday!...another yeah!...because on Friday we are off to France, just for two days and while we are there (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) we will be driving up to Rennes to find the BIG Ikea store...I'm sooo excited....another yeah!.... it means an early start on Friday, a boat trip, and a drive up the motor way (are they called motorways in France?) actually I believe the store is just before you get to Rennes, but when you are use to not being able to drive very far because of living on an islands, well driving almost to Rennes seems like a mini adventure! Hey we might even get to Rennes as I heard that there might be a Habitat store there too!
Who knows I might bring back something from France and do a little blog give away, would you be interested in a blog give away with a French feel?
Monday happiness to you all...


  1. sounds fab! have fun, and yes, a French give-away sounds good :)


  2. Definitely! France (or at least a French give-away) sounds wonderful!


  3. Wow France! So you will visit the best place for lovers too! :-) I think you will buy lot of stuffs in the Ikea.
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