17 Apr 2010

Light Lunch

Well this lovely sunshine has gotten me in the mood for some summer lovein light lunches!

For this one you will need:
* Mixed salad leaves of you choice.
* Tomatoes.
* Any other salad item you care to add, spring onions, cucumber, etc etc
* Chicken pieces in bread crumbs, mine came from the co-op. You can have these either cooked, or let them go cold, both ways are just as tasty.
And my sort of home made dressing, which there is no really measured quantity for, just go with what you like, sweeter? add more honey, want it a bit sharper? add
more lemon, and so on.
I use:
* Low calorie mayonnaise, a couple of tea spoons.
* whole grain mustard, one tea spoon
* runny honey, one tea spoon.
* a bit of juice from a fresh lemon.
* Mix up and drizzle over the chicken and salad.
And there yo have it, simple summer lovin light lunch, sometimes I add a few new potato's, well living in Jersey it would be a crime not to have a couple of Jersey royal potatoes!

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