14 Apr 2010

Interior Styling, April Challenge

Have you had a chance to check out the lovely pictures over at the group pool of Holly Beckers (decor8) Interior Styling group? If not then you don't no what you are missing. Every Month Holly sets us all a challenge so that we can practice our interior styling, and this month is a macro challenge. the brief is to:
Lets celebrate the little things this month and work on some macro (close Up) while focusing on capturing a mood. The mood is to try and show the feeling of romance, femininity, humility, grace and truth.
Well I had a little go and these are a couple of shots that I did, not sure if am there yet, but I tried to make it a little more feminine by lighting the picture a little, so I posted the bottom one into the group pool, I will just have to see if it passed Holly's strict criteria and made it into the group pool.


  1. The vase color and design is beautiful. And the color of the flowers that you put on the vase complimented well.How much is that kind of vase?
    Jane Taylor
    liverpool blinds Dress up your room without breaking the bank styling your room

  2. Thanks Jane, these are little tea lights that I picked up from a charity shop, but check out graham & green for something similar.


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