4 Apr 2010

DIY Destination Bus Roll.

Ever since spotting an old bus roll sign in the home of Sebella Court, featured in the living etc magazine, I have been thinking about just how to create one of my own, well, take one wet week end and nothing much on TV, and hey presto, I now have one, done it myself bus roll hanging in my home.
So if you fancy making one for your own home, here's what you will need.
1. A length of heavy weight decorators lining paper.
2. Black paint, I actually used a coat of wood and metal paint which I had left over from another project.
3. the names you want to appear on your bus roll, print them out using a large font, I used size 150, in the Arial narrow but in bold.
4. A wet erase pen, these are the ones that are used to write out menu boards outside of cafe and pubs. You could also paint them on but you need a steady hand.
Paint your length of paper allow to dry then decide where to position your names, then with a shaprpish pencil draw around the edge of the words pressing down well so that you leave a slight impression on the bus roll underneath.
Using your wet erase, fill in the outline that you just made and let dry, do this all the way down until you get to the end, and by them you should have your very own bus roll destination sign.
Any questions just leave a comment.


  1. Great job! I know how much Restoration Hardware charge for these... you just saved yourself $100s...!

  2. Doesnt quite look like an original does it? I think that's the whole point - it has to convincingly look as original roll even if it isnt. Then of course even when it does look real, everyone will ask if its an original destination roll.... I think better to have a very few original pieces than lots of stuff that obviously looks fake

    John from Killara NSW

  3. how has this held up over time?

  4. very well, thanks for asking, its hung over the stair well so its out of the way of getting knocked about, every so often I dust it down with a dry cloth to avoid rubbing the wording off, but so far its still looking good, I know its not the real thing but I'm ok with that.


  5. This looks terrible


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