5 Apr 2010

Black floor, black celing..

When it comes to spring cleaning, well I'm just not very good at it, I get side tracked so easily. That pile of magazines sitting on my bedside table....well the idea was to sort through them, but instead I started looking through an old inside out magazine, and before you know it I'm loving the pictures and searching for more info on my computer.

Photos Apartment Therapy
These lovely pictures are of the home of designer Mark Tuckey, wife Louella, a stylist, and their family, featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 edition of the Inside Out magazine. The black and white living space caught my eye as I flicked through the magazine, and I really like it, the black celing is not dark at all, but this home looks like it gets alot of natural light through those large windows, its simple yet homely for a young family, so it works well here, but would you consider a black ceiling?

See more about Mark Tuckey and his design here.

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  1. Wow, great minds and all that....

    I've just posted about choosing black flooring and kitchen for my new build....didn't even consider the ceiling! Think that may be pushing it a bit too far for me.

    Love this room though and his work, just realised I have a few of his rooms on my tear sheets!

    Mrs C x


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