11 Apr 2010

A few snaps from my weekend.

Hello, I can't believe its Monday already! I have had a bit of a busy weekend, making the most of my Children being away, the weather was lovely and Hubby and i made like Holiday makers on Saturday and headed out to St. Aubins for the Farmers and Craft Market, i love visiting these to see what the local crafters are creating to tantalise the senses, the air is usually filled with a mix of lavender, and foodie smells. Its the beginning of the season and the Market was a little on the small side, but music was playing and food was on offer, there was a lady demonstrating traditional wool spinning, she very kindly let me take a snap of her spinning away in the sunshine.

I came across a new stall that I had not seen last summer called Sweet Inspiration, run by Emma carlton, creating yummy deserts, I had my eye on the sticky toffee pudding, but being strapped for cash after handing over money to daughters before heading off on their week away, I settled for a scone, thats it above rather lavishly laden with cream and jam added by me, although I have to say, the best way in my mind to really enjoy a scone is practically straight out of the oven, pull apart gently, spread with butter so that it melts in then pile high with jam and cream, eat it quickly before the jam an cream starts sliding all over the place, aah that takes me back to being a child when my Mum would bake on a Sunday and we would have a scone tea after the Sunday roast in the evening....
Apparently Emma Carlton is the first lady chef in Jersey to have launched her own unique desert range to the international market, I really must get one of those sticky toffee Puds, its had some rave reviews which you can read about here and the Sweet Inspiration website is here.

Down along the main road is a lovely little antique shop charming called Love Joys, (pictures above an below) its filled to the brim with curiosity items, I just love these kind of shops, great for buying a really unique item for the home, don't you just love those cocktail shakers? Martini anyone?

I also started painting my daughters bedroom for her, I thought it needed a lick of paint to freshen it up a little, she is going for a black and white look I think, so I'm in charge of painting the walls, my neck and shoulders are aching from all the painting, and now I think the window frame and skirting will need a new lick of paint too....must go I have a third coat of paint to slap on yet..

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  1. hmmm, now I'm craving something sweet - that scone looks delicious! Love Love Joys, picked up a fantastic antique zebra skin there.


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