30 Apr 2010

Friday cuteness

Lula Whale clock

Looking for something fun and trendy with a retro feel for your little ones bedrooms? then check out the newly launched www.lulabird.co.uk created by Mumprenures Louise O'Kane and Rachel Wassall. When you get there you will discover a cute range of wall art and clocks such as Moose boy, Lula owl, Lula whale, and Lula Bloom, quirky items inspired by grown up interior trends sure to delight both child and parent alike. Which ones are your favourites? I'm rather taken with Lula Owl my self.

28 Apr 2010

Still got that Ikea feeling...

Back from my visit to Ikea, and I'm still floating around on cloud nine due to all the lovely room sets that I was able to walk around, and it seems, that Ikea is the buzz word of the moment on the web.
You may be familiar with the Ikea Magazines that are available in stores (I picked up one while on my trip, just need to learn to read French now) but now you can find an Ikea Family Live website too! Ikea Family Live is all about sharing your idea and inspiration for your home with others who share the same interests, and of course love of all things Ikea. You can upload pictures of your own home to Flickr, watch short films, or just click explore all to peek into the homes of others.

Ikea Family Live Magazine

26 Apr 2010

Whats on your book shelf?

Have you checked out your Homes and interiors books on your book shelf lately, which ones do you look through time and time again, do you have an old favourite that you just love?
Last week while looking through my collection of Homes' books I pulled out Sense of Style: Space, by Shannon Fricke, a book which I bought at the Grand Design Live Show a couple of years back in London.
Sense of Style: Space is all about creating a home that is individual to you, about surrounding you space with things you love, and letting the space say who you are. It reminds me a little of ETC by Sibella Court but a bit more gently and no so full on. And I had forgotten just how well illustrated this book is.
Today while out shopping I picked up the March-April edition of Inside Out magazine and as I flicked through the pages who should I spot but Shannon Fricke, talking about goals and dreams, and not giving up. This is something that I can relate to as I am still chasing-waiting to do an interior decorating course at my local college, but for one reason or another it is some how just out of reach, not enough money, not enough space, course not running until next September, etc etc. So as Shannon says 'if at first you don't succeed, then try try again...
You can also follow Shannon's blog at http://www.shannonfricke.blogspot.com/.

If you would like to purchase Sense of style: Space by Shannon Fricke then click here

By clicking through and buying a book I will receive a small percentage, but the good news is, it doesn't cost you any extra, in fact you will probably pay less then the RRP.

Ikea trip

Well we made it to Ikea in Rennes France, and I can not begin to tell you just how excited I was to actually be walking around the store, looking at all the room set ups, and touching and sitting on the furniture. I actually squealed with delight on numerous occasions throughout my visit, much to the amusement of my Hubby, who was left in charge of taking some photos for me while I whizzed round like a child in a toy store. I think we forgot to adjust the settings on the camera because to be frank, they are not the best photos in the world but I thought I would share a few of them with you anyways.

I love the use of lighting in the room sets, lighting plays a big part in adding to the feel of each set, and I think that is something to use in my own home, the room set above has at least 4 different kinds of lighting going on, which all adds to the ambiance of the room, don't you agree?

I think the success of Ikea is largely down to the clever people who work out and style the sets, displaying how the items work together in each room, showing us how our homes could look, and I just love walking around the sets that are like complete home layouts. There is a real art to making a small space feel like home without it feeling cluttered but still having all that you need to hand. Just sit me in a room setting and I'm a happy bunny, the novelty hasn't worn off yet so I do apologise to those of you who are now immune to the Ikea life style. Is there such a thing as too much Ikea?

A (above) chair getting put through its paces.

I had intended to buy some bedding, but couldn't work out the size of the covers, we have a king size bed at home, and all the sets seemed to be for doubles of singles, actually that might be a French thing, the beds seem to be smaller.

In the end I only bought the shoe cabinet, and a couple of Dave laptop tables for my Girls, but now we know how to get there, well I'm already planning a trip back, because I just can't get enough of Ikea, I have rarely seen so much furniture and home accessories under one roof!

So where are you on the whole Ikea front, do you love it or hate it, have you got your fair share of Ikea items on your own home, and do they blend in nicely or shout out IKEA!

Monday Happiness

Hello, did you have a good weekend? I'm back from my whirl wind trip to France, and I'm full of Monday Happiness today because, after spending the best part of Sunday evening putting together my Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet, my hall way now looks much more inviting then it did before, and certainly much tidier!
It took me hours to put it together but I think I have mastered flat packs and can now do them in my sleep.

I still have a bit of playing around to do before I am happy with the final look, and its never going to be perfect because we rent, and house needs a lot of work to be honest, but for now the front hall way has made me a bit happier.

22 Apr 2010

My weekend starts here.

I'm signing off early this week as I'm catching the boat to France for a couple of days tomorrow morning, I'll be back next week and who knows, maybe I'll have bought a little bit of France back with me for a blog giveaway! So have a fab weekend to you all.

21 Apr 2010

Randon rooms

Does your computer collect loads of images too? every so often I have to go through the files and have a clear out, as my computer seems to capture every picture I look at. I swear it slows it down as well, so I have been having a little delete session, but thought I would share these ones with you, though you have probably seen them floating around the Internet already.

I love that little seating area at the end there under the window, a little cosy area tucked away there, the cushions and sofa give it a slight granny chic feel to it, then in the foreground you have the modern mesh dinning seats.

In this one above its the grey sofa, I really have a thing about grey sofas at the moment, not sure how long it will last for, but is the thing of the moment.

and this room, its so fresh and bright, actually I think i have a thing for white walls too at the moment, all these rooms have white walls! Maybe its since I painted my daughter's room for her in white.
PS not sure where these pictures are from, if you recognise any do shout out and let me know so i can credit the pictures,

19 Apr 2010

Monday Happiness.

Monday happiness because of two reasons, firstly MY GIRLS ARE HOME! yeah! I did miss them loads, not the mess that two girls of 19 and 20 make you understand, but just having them around the home, there is always something going on with two girls (3 including me ) around, plenty of chatter and laughter.

The other reason that its Monday happiness is because this morning I spent it with Hubby getting ready for Friday!...another yeah!...because on Friday we are off to France, just for two days and while we are there (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) we will be driving up to Rennes to find the BIG Ikea store...I'm sooo excited....another yeah!.... it means an early start on Friday, a boat trip, and a drive up the motor way (are they called motorways in France?) actually I believe the store is just before you get to Rennes, but when you are use to not being able to drive very far because of living on an islands, well driving almost to Rennes seems like a mini adventure! Hey we might even get to Rennes as I heard that there might be a Habitat store there too!
Who knows I might bring back something from France and do a little blog give away, would you be interested in a blog give away with a French feel?
Monday happiness to you all...

17 Apr 2010

Light Lunch

Well this lovely sunshine has gotten me in the mood for some summer lovein light lunches!

For this one you will need:
* Mixed salad leaves of you choice.
* Tomatoes.
* Any other salad item you care to add, spring onions, cucumber, etc etc
* Chicken pieces in bread crumbs, mine came from the co-op. You can have these either cooked, or let them go cold, both ways are just as tasty.
And my sort of home made dressing, which there is no really measured quantity for, just go with what you like, sweeter? add more honey, want it a bit sharper? add
more lemon, and so on.
I use:
* Low calorie mayonnaise, a couple of tea spoons.
* whole grain mustard, one tea spoon
* runny honey, one tea spoon.
* a bit of juice from a fresh lemon.
* Mix up and drizzle over the chicken and salad.
And there yo have it, simple summer lovin light lunch, sometimes I add a few new potato's, well living in Jersey it would be a crime not to have a couple of Jersey royal potatoes!

16 Apr 2010

Spring in a bottle.

While at the Garden Center earlier on in the week, a range of natural household cleaners caught my eye, all lined up on the shelves like a little army ready for spring cleaning, and as I have been in the spring cleaning mood I slipped a bottle of spring into my basket, Maison belle spring by Isabella Smith, to be exact. As I hadn't seen it before I followed the web address www.isabellasmith.com and did a bit of googling and discovered that Isabella Smith is a bit of a hit in Denmark, she has been described as Denmark's answer to Martha Stewart, Isabella is a TV presenter, writer and designer, and also launched Maison belle, a line of Eco friendly, household products and home wares. You can read a bit more about her and see pictures of her lovely home, just click here.

This weekend I will be putting my new purchase to good use and spritzing here there and just about every where, this little bottle is good to go on walls, floors, doors, ceilings, cabinets, toys, tiles and many more surfaces.....I could be busy all weekend...

Thanks to..

Thank you to Hearth of the Home blog for kindly listing This Home Sweet Home as a favourite blog.

14 Apr 2010

Planting around..

Ikea catalog 2010 a favourite room setting of mine.

While flicking through my Ikea catalog the other day, it struck me that in just about every room setting those very talented specially bred Ikea stylists use some kind of plant or flower, and on having a quick glance around my living room, decided that's just what it needed, and as plants are known to help clean the air in the home, I thought it was about time I added one or two. So I hot footed it off to one of my Local Garden Centres (Ransoms Garden Centre)yesterday evening and bought myself one trailing ivy. I choose this one because I need something that is hard to kill off, many a plant has ended up shrivelled and withered in our house, because quite frankly I'm not the best person in the world at looking after plants, but this one looked like it could take a bit of miss treatment. So into the basket it went.
And I have to say that this little ivy really does bring a feeling of life and movement to the room, and I swear the air smells better already, its just a case of deciding where to place it now......
on my computer table?

or on the tea chest, which is now the right way up by the way.

maybe on top of the TV

how about the on some books
on the coffee table?

on the edge of the book shelf?

How about you are you a plant of fresh cut flowers person, have you paid them some attention lately??
And speaking of Ikea, Hubby is treating me to a couple of days in France, we will be driving up to Rennes to see the newish (I think it opened last summer) Ikea, and if I'm really lucky and we don't get lost in Rennes I may also find Habitat! Soo excited...

Interior Styling, April Challenge

Have you had a chance to check out the lovely pictures over at the group pool of Holly Beckers (decor8) Interior Styling group? If not then you don't no what you are missing. Every Month Holly sets us all a challenge so that we can practice our interior styling, and this month is a macro challenge. the brief is to:
Lets celebrate the little things this month and work on some macro (close Up) while focusing on capturing a mood. The mood is to try and show the feeling of romance, femininity, humility, grace and truth.
Well I had a little go and these are a couple of shots that I did, not sure if am there yet, but I tried to make it a little more feminine by lighting the picture a little, so I posted the bottom one into the group pool, I will just have to see if it passed Holly's strict criteria and made it into the group pool.

Grey sofas' and walls...

Have i mentioned before that my current obsession is grey. At first I didn't really like the idea of grey, it conjures up thoughts of grey wet winters, but having seen grey in magazines and on blogs alot lately, I'm thinking of a grey sofa or grey walls, or even both! I spotted these to lovely examples this week, quite different from each other, but both of which I really like. What I really need is more then one home, one that I can decorate in a more casual traditional way, and the other with a bit more of a modern contemporary way.
Which pictures do you prefer? to see more of the homes that these pictures come from follow the links to the blogs where I found them, and enjoy.

11 Apr 2010

A few snaps from my weekend.

Hello, I can't believe its Monday already! I have had a bit of a busy weekend, making the most of my Children being away, the weather was lovely and Hubby and i made like Holiday makers on Saturday and headed out to St. Aubins for the Farmers and Craft Market, i love visiting these to see what the local crafters are creating to tantalise the senses, the air is usually filled with a mix of lavender, and foodie smells. Its the beginning of the season and the Market was a little on the small side, but music was playing and food was on offer, there was a lady demonstrating traditional wool spinning, she very kindly let me take a snap of her spinning away in the sunshine.

I came across a new stall that I had not seen last summer called Sweet Inspiration, run by Emma carlton, creating yummy deserts, I had my eye on the sticky toffee pudding, but being strapped for cash after handing over money to daughters before heading off on their week away, I settled for a scone, thats it above rather lavishly laden with cream and jam added by me, although I have to say, the best way in my mind to really enjoy a scone is practically straight out of the oven, pull apart gently, spread with butter so that it melts in then pile high with jam and cream, eat it quickly before the jam an cream starts sliding all over the place, aah that takes me back to being a child when my Mum would bake on a Sunday and we would have a scone tea after the Sunday roast in the evening....
Apparently Emma Carlton is the first lady chef in Jersey to have launched her own unique desert range to the international market, I really must get one of those sticky toffee Puds, its had some rave reviews which you can read about here and the Sweet Inspiration website is here.

Down along the main road is a lovely little antique shop charming called Love Joys, (pictures above an below) its filled to the brim with curiosity items, I just love these kind of shops, great for buying a really unique item for the home, don't you just love those cocktail shakers? Martini anyone?

I also started painting my daughters bedroom for her, I thought it needed a lick of paint to freshen it up a little, she is going for a black and white look I think, so I'm in charge of painting the walls, my neck and shoulders are aching from all the painting, and now I think the window frame and skirting will need a new lick of paint too....must go I have a third coat of paint to slap on yet..

6 Apr 2010

Punchy little numbers.

Well good evening to you all, I hope you had a good weekend, I keep thinking today is Monday, and having to remind myself that its Tuesday already, a short week this week, Yeah! I had a productive weekend, left to myself for most of it, hubby had to work, and my two girls went off and did there own thing, (sometimes its nice not to be running around after every one) so I made the most of having the house to myself and made the DIY destination bus roll that I have been meaning to have a go at for a while, which I posted about it here
I also spent some time looking through past magazines and tear outs that where sitting on my desk, and amongst them there was an article from a local magazine about a new local company called Vivid and punch.
Vivid and Punch is made up of two local Jersey Artists Karen Allenet and Jayne Herbert who together are responsible for the amazing re-upholstered antique and original pieces of furniture you see here.

All Pictures from Vivid and Punch

I particularly like the 1960s danish arm chairs, with what looks like an old couple gazing at each other from one chair to the next, kinda whimsical and quirky.

These beautiful pieces of furniture are bespoke, using original items sourced from auctions both local and from France, and vintage panels of fabric, needlepoint's and personal items to create unique pieces of art.

At the end of the month the ladies are planning a month long exhibition, and all being well, I plan to pop along to see more of the ladies work. you can check out these items online too, at www.vividandpunch.co.uk, or they are available to buy here.

5 Apr 2010

Black floor, black celing..

When it comes to spring cleaning, well I'm just not very good at it, I get side tracked so easily. That pile of magazines sitting on my bedside table....well the idea was to sort through them, but instead I started looking through an old inside out magazine, and before you know it I'm loving the pictures and searching for more info on my computer.

Photos Apartment Therapy
These lovely pictures are of the home of designer Mark Tuckey, wife Louella, a stylist, and their family, featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 edition of the Inside Out magazine. The black and white living space caught my eye as I flicked through the magazine, and I really like it, the black celing is not dark at all, but this home looks like it gets alot of natural light through those large windows, its simple yet homely for a young family, so it works well here, but would you consider a black ceiling?

See more about Mark Tuckey and his design here.

4 Apr 2010

DIY Destination Bus Roll.

Ever since spotting an old bus roll sign in the home of Sebella Court, featured in the living etc magazine, I have been thinking about just how to create one of my own, well, take one wet week end and nothing much on TV, and hey presto, I now have one, done it myself bus roll hanging in my home.
So if you fancy making one for your own home, here's what you will need.
1. A length of heavy weight decorators lining paper.
2. Black paint, I actually used a coat of wood and metal paint which I had left over from another project.
3. the names you want to appear on your bus roll, print them out using a large font, I used size 150, in the Arial narrow but in bold.
4. A wet erase pen, these are the ones that are used to write out menu boards outside of cafe and pubs. You could also paint them on but you need a steady hand.
Paint your length of paper allow to dry then decide where to position your names, then with a shaprpish pencil draw around the edge of the words pressing down well so that you leave a slight impression on the bus roll underneath.
Using your wet erase, fill in the outline that you just made and let dry, do this all the way down until you get to the end, and by them you should have your very own bus roll destination sign.
Any questions just leave a comment.

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