24 Mar 2010

Readers Comments.

Earlier on this week I did a post about finding your own style, actually it was an older post that I have updated, because since first writing the post I have been giving it much more thought, and its a subject that is getting its very own blog, but more about that latter, anyway, struggler left me a comment that got my rummaging through my collection of clippings, here's way:

Struggler Commented;
Great pointers, thank you. I do need to give more formal thought to this; I am drawn to bright colors and fun patterns, then wonder why my home lacks the grown-up calm that I seek.
Our house is also by the water, and I want to acknowledge that while refraining from turning it into a beachy theme park.


Dear Struggler

I recalled having saved a selection of seaside/beach inspired pages from magazines, and this lovely home came to mind when you said that you would like a grown up calm, but beachy inspired home.

This one, featured in the Country Homes and Interiors Magazine of April 2009 has a lovely calm feel to it, yet takes its inspiration form the ocean outside. I love the use of the drift wood accessories used throughout the rooms, and the use of textures such as the sheep skin rugs and cushions and the rustic drift Wood furniture.

After doing a bit of googling I discovered that this home is in fact a Holiday home in Ireland and you can see more stunning photos here and here.


  1. I love that mirror! So unique and fun. Your blog is one of my faves in my reader so sending you some lovin' via the "I Love Your Blog" award. :) http://bit.ly/9S08A5

  2. Ooh! Thank you so much! I will check out the links for this home, definitely. This was really kind of you :)

  3. OK, I'm back! I really enjoyed those photos, thank you. You're right, the use of sheepskin goes a long way to cozying up the whole look. I'm not sure I would use so much grey in the Irish climate (!) but the rooms are beautiful.


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