27 Mar 2010

My book has arrived!

Its arrived! The book that I have been eagerly awaiting has arrived, Etcetera, by Sibella Court has landed on my door mat this very morning. Its a 'wow' feeling form the moment you unwrap it. The front cover, a sleeve made from a sort of ribbed brown wrapping paper, embellished with a post card sized photo stuck to it, and decorated with a collection of softly muted striped colours, as if painted on to the wrapping paper, is just a hint of what you get inside the 255 page book.
This book is a sensory experience from the moment you unwrap it, and I will be spending the weekend dipping in and out of it, soaking up all the information shared by its Author Sibella Court, in which she shares tips and tricks from the world of the interior stylist, showing how a home can be created and filled with lovingly collected furnishings and accessories.
This book even smells like an old library or auction room where lots of ageing worn furniture and curiosity items line up ready to go under the hammer....like the items photographed in the book lovingly collected from far flung Corners of the globe, all adding to the sensory experience.
But be warned if you are a lover of all things minimal and neat and tidy, then this book is not for you at all. I suggest looking here.
To see more about Sibella Court click here.

ETCETERA etc. By Sibella Court

Photography by Chris court

Murdoch Books

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