10 Mar 2010

Mag of the month

Is it just me, or is 2010 galloping by at a fast rate of knots? I can't believe that I have just bought the April issue of Livingetc Magazine! which means we live in hope of spring soon, so grab yourself a bunch of spring flowers and make like a florist following the styling tips for flowers on page 142.
I'm sensing a rival of bugs and things under glass, collections of items show cased a-la museum like-style, Victorian eccentricity at its best, or worst depending on how you feel about dead things in glass cases, not for me really, but what I am loving is the free extract of Sibella court's latest book Etcetera, and if the extract is anything to go by, then the book is going to be fabulous.
If your idea of living is minimal then her style will be your worst nightmare! It truly is a feast for your eyes.
If your looking to add a bit of pattern into your home, then check out some great idea for adding pops of pattern and colour into your home this spring. (page 49)
livingetc, its got it all this month.


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