22 Mar 2010

Its Spring, so that can only mean one thing...

The days are getting longer, pretty flowers are popping up everywhere, so that can only mean one thing.....yes folks its the Spring Cure over at Apartment Therapy, and this time around I have come fully armed in that I have actually bought the book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure ! Yes there it is in the picture above, and yes I have actually read it through, and I have to say that having the book on hand as a reference is great, so this time around I hope to achieve new heights with the Spring Cure, having had a couple of goes before, and achieved a little success each time round, I hope to get it down to a fine art this time.

I've been following the Apartment Therapy blog for a couple of years now, but when you read this book you really get a better understanding about Apartment Therapy and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, and what its all about, so if your having a go or thinking of having a go, I can highly recommend the book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure.


  1. Hi Samantha - good luck with the cure, am trying again myself......although admittedly getting off to a slow start this time around.

  2. I got the book from the library and zipped through it rather than attempting the Cure properly. But I have to say, with these lighter spring days, there are some parts of the house that are now driving me nuts and they will definitely be tackled!


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