4 Mar 2010

Habitat Surprise

A special delivery had me dancing around the living room like a two year old yesterday, a box full of Habitat goodies! Now usually Habitat do not deliver to the Channel Islands, but with the help of the newly set up delivery service, ship2me, you can now buy all those lovely items that once upon a time would have meant a trip to the UK to get.
In my box of goodies included a lovely brightly multicoloured latticed ribbon cushion, a large throw and a table lamp, which had me playing stylist for most of the afternoon, (i need plenty of practice there I know)
This cotton throw will keep me snug from now right through to the summer when it will come in useful for a picnic blanket, with summer salads and pink lemonade!

this little lamp looks fab on my newly acquired tea chest, though I think it will end up in my daughters bedroom, she has plans of decorating her bedroom this weekend, white , black, and bright pink.
See that red sofa above, how could you miss it? I was going through a red phase a few years back, but now I'm longing for something grey......

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