22 Mar 2010

Finding your own style: part one, updated.

This post has been updated because I'm discovering new ways of Finding my own style, so I thought I would share them with you.

Do you struggle to find a style for your home that you are happy with? Have you bought something for the home, only to live with it for 6 months or so, then realise that you hate it, and it does not go with anything else in the room, or may be you are one of those people who are drawn to the pretty shinny, brightly coloured this or that at every corner, and end up with a whole host of missed matched things that no matter how many times you tell your self it falls into the eclectic bracket of interior style, you just cant make it work and look like the magazines shoots do.
Did you answer yes to any of the above? then join me in Finding your own style, over the the next few weeks/months we will do some simple exercise that I hope will help us, together find a style that we like, and are happy with, a style that works with our home and family. This is as much an exercise for me as I hope it will be for you. Do feel free to share any tips and comments along the way that you have found useful.
Start by looking at:

1. Magazines

There are dozens of Homes magazines on the market so there is bound to be one with a style that you feel comfortable with. As you read through them you can book mark pages that you like, (this works well for people who find it hard to tear up magazines, me being one of them) try colour coding them, pink for bedroom, blue for bathroom, red for kitchen, that way when you are looking for inspiration for a certain room, you know which colour to turn to.

2. Books

Buying books can be costly, so try out your local library especially if you are not sure what your style is as yet. Check out local book shops and brows through various homes books. Search through Amazon, if you open up an account they will also give you recommendations based on your search results.

3. Blogs

There are a huge amount of Homes bloggers out there, all eager to share their homes, ideas and inspiration with you, start following a few and also see who they follow too! Check out the books that they love, you will get a feel for the ones that are the sure favourites once you start following a few blogs. We bloggers know a good book when we see it. Afew that I like are;






4. Flickr

Have you got your own flickr account? its a great way of saving images you come across and also collect your own pictures you take of your own home. Join a few groups there are so many of them you will be spoilt for choice!

5. Homes shows.

There are usually plenty of shows about Homes and interiors going on around the globe, a great place to source new ideas and products for the home, whether it be just a simple decor update, or plans of a new home extension. Do a google search for shows going on in your area.

6. On the High Street.

check out the Home furnishing stores, and take a note of the ones that you are drawn to, pick up a store catalogue, most of the big ones will have one. Check out their online stores as well, sometimes online you can find special offers that are not available in store.

Keeping it organised.

1. Start a filing system

If you don't mind tearing up your magazines, start a filing system, tear out pages and pop them into plastic folders and binder. I do this with older magazines before I can bring myself to throw them away, I also have them filed according to style, so I have beach style, country cottage style modern living etc etc. A good idea is to have a file for each room in the house that you want to decorate.

2. Online.

Make use of places online for storing images that catch your eye, get a Flickr account to add them to, and while your there join a few groups, ones that I like include Flea Market Style , a group inspired be the book Flea Market Style, off beat interiors, for off beat ideas, Young House love great for mood board ideas. More places to collect ideas include, http://www.houzz.com/ and http://www.decomyplace.com/.

3. Make an inspiration board

keep a pin board/notice board and collect things that inspire you. collect wall paper sample, and fabric samples, pin coloured items to the board that catch your eye, for example a sweet wrapper in a certain colour, or leaf collected on a walk. Note what colours and textures you are drawn to.

4. Get snappy

A great tool to have when out and about is a mobile phone with a camera, when you see something that inspires you whip out your phone and take a snap, it could be the colour of a flower, or a great looking building, or an item of furniture in a shop,this is great for if you spot something , but are not sure if it will match with everything else at home. When you get home, just add your photos to your flickr account, or where ever you choose to store your photos.

So armed with all this information, you are now ready to go start finding your own style, I hope this has helped you to find a system that works for you.

Happy collecting!


  1. I've started a binder to keep my clippings in, organized by room. I don't know if it's helping me or not, but I do like the feeling of being organized. My decorating strategy has been to let each room slowly evolve over time, so it helps to be able to recall my vision for this particular room or that one.

  2. Hellooo. I've been keeping clippings for over a year and am finally getting my head around my own style. I'm like you, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop!


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