30 Mar 2010

Ferm Living at Cloudberry Living.

Don't you just love the spring, the longer days, flowers and trees blooming, the effect that the sunshine has on people, and the anticipation of new spring summer products being launched by your favourite places to shop, or new places to discover.
Cloudberry Living is a new site to me, I think I have seen the name else where on other blogs, but yesterday they kindly dropped me an email informing me of the new spring collection called Ferm living, by Denmark Designer Trine Anderson, and I have to confess that I'm not familiar with either, so I have been having a good look around the site of Cloudbery Living today, and I'm rather liking far too many items the more I look around! I love the wonderful knitted poufs, I should think that they are gorgeously tactile, and the colours are so warming, I can picture that mustardly yellow one going nicely with the grey sofa that is living in my minds eye at the moment....
Other items include the Ferm Living knitted vase, a knitted cover and vase, ready for adding your spring flowers to, or just as eye catching with coloured pencils to brighten up a little corner of the home, I'd probably speed far to much time arranging the pencils just so to get the desired effect, much to the amusement of the rest of my family.

There are plenty more items in the collection to see by clicking here, these new items will be available mid April, but you can pop over and pre-order them now, which is a good thing because once word gets around, well, things this good looking wont be around for long!

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