18 Mar 2010

cowboy books and charity find lamps.

Do you Style with books and magazines? Sometimes when flicking through a Homes magazine or on a blog I come across a photo where books or magazines are used in the styling, not just on the coffee table or on a book shelf, but used in way to create a Little styled area. So i have been playing at being a stylist around the house of late, using magazines and books to create my own little styled areas here and there, I have even let some of my Husbands tastes creep into the styling of our home, normally it is me that has the last say on on decorating, but just lately I have been looking at things with more of an open mind, the map lamp shade I made for him a while back, but the other day I thought I would dig out his cowboy annuals and use them along side my newly aquired charity lamp. You see, recently I joined the group interior styling on flickr run by Holly Becker of Decor8, and each Month Holly sets us a little photographic challenge, my offering is the picture with the white chair, lamp, bag and cowboy books. Actually the cowboy books work really well with the turquoise colour of the lamp as the spines of the books are all different colours, it adds a lovely pop of colour.

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Have a very stylish weekend ;)

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