15 Mar 2010

Charity lamp shade chic.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so, did the lovely weather put a spring in your step? I spent some of the weekend playing at being a stylist again. On Friday I stopped by the charity shops just on the off chance really, and picked up this lovely little table and lamp in this fab turquoise colour, I thought that I might paint the table but actually when I got home, the lamp and table just seemed to go together so well that I now think they where made for each other and am going to leave it as it is.
The Lamp didn't have a shade with it when I bought it, so just to see what style shade I should go for, I borrowed the one from our bedroom, this map lamp I made a while back for my husband as he has a thing about maps, we have a few dotted around the home, something which I am beginning to quite like, anyway, I wanted to see if this shape of shade would go with the lamp base, and as it turned out, I think I have another great match, as they just seem to go so well together, isn't it strange, you could be looking for something for ages, and then out of the blue it all just seems to fit into place.
Photos also added to my flickr groups here and here, and also to the flickr group of Decor8 with the lovely Holly, where I have been picking up some great styling tips and getting some inspiration from the group pool, well worth a visit if you haven't yet stopped by. you are also very welcome to add your self to my group pool on flickr too!
lamp shade kits available from www.duffylondon.com click here for kit.

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