30 Mar 2010

Ferm Living at Cloudberry Living.

Don't you just love the spring, the longer days, flowers and trees blooming, the effect that the sunshine has on people, and the anticipation of new spring summer products being launched by your favourite places to shop, or new places to discover.
Cloudberry Living is a new site to me, I think I have seen the name else where on other blogs, but yesterday they kindly dropped me an email informing me of the new spring collection called Ferm living, by Denmark Designer Trine Anderson, and I have to confess that I'm not familiar with either, so I have been having a good look around the site of Cloudbery Living today, and I'm rather liking far too many items the more I look around! I love the wonderful knitted poufs, I should think that they are gorgeously tactile, and the colours are so warming, I can picture that mustardly yellow one going nicely with the grey sofa that is living in my minds eye at the moment....
Other items include the Ferm Living knitted vase, a knitted cover and vase, ready for adding your spring flowers to, or just as eye catching with coloured pencils to brighten up a little corner of the home, I'd probably speed far to much time arranging the pencils just so to get the desired effect, much to the amusement of the rest of my family.

There are plenty more items in the collection to see by clicking here, these new items will be available mid April, but you can pop over and pre-order them now, which is a good thing because once word gets around, well, things this good looking wont be around for long!

29 Mar 2010

British summer Time.....

I just thought I would share this snap with you, taken in my very wet garden yesterday to mark the beginning of a very British Summer Time!

27 Mar 2010

My book has arrived!

Its arrived! The book that I have been eagerly awaiting has arrived, Etcetera, by Sibella Court has landed on my door mat this very morning. Its a 'wow' feeling form the moment you unwrap it. The front cover, a sleeve made from a sort of ribbed brown wrapping paper, embellished with a post card sized photo stuck to it, and decorated with a collection of softly muted striped colours, as if painted on to the wrapping paper, is just a hint of what you get inside the 255 page book.
This book is a sensory experience from the moment you unwrap it, and I will be spending the weekend dipping in and out of it, soaking up all the information shared by its Author Sibella Court, in which she shares tips and tricks from the world of the interior stylist, showing how a home can be created and filled with lovingly collected furnishings and accessories.
This book even smells like an old library or auction room where lots of ageing worn furniture and curiosity items line up ready to go under the hammer....like the items photographed in the book lovingly collected from far flung Corners of the globe, all adding to the sensory experience.
But be warned if you are a lover of all things minimal and neat and tidy, then this book is not for you at all. I suggest looking here.
To see more about Sibella Court click here.

ETCETERA etc. By Sibella Court

Photography by Chris court

Murdoch Books

25 Mar 2010

Pied A Terre Home Collection.

Updated this post, because of a miss type, (slightly blushing blogger) it should read House Of Fraser, and not Frazer as previously typed (I think that's a US sit com isn't it?) Apologises to the House of Fraser.
Picture by Samantha Stansbridge (Me)
I love these red shoes, and every once in a while I get them out of their box, slip them on to my feet, stand in front of the mirror and admire how absolutely fabulous my legs look in them. Sadly that's about all I can do in them.....stand....they have killer heels on them and while I love them, trying to walk in heels is a skill that I have never really mastered, I just feel that I am going to fall flat on my face. So what are they doing on today's post I hear you ask? Well I'll give you a clue, these are a pair of Pied A Terre shoes, a name well known for stylish foot wear, and now Pied A Terre is turning its attention to interiors, creating a home collection exclusive for the House of Fraser
Pictures House of Fraser blog
The look is chic and glamorous, using a palette of grey blacks and charcoal, off set with lovely plum pink and fuchsia. For more info check out the House of Fraser blog

24 Mar 2010

Readers Comments.

Earlier on this week I did a post about finding your own style, actually it was an older post that I have updated, because since first writing the post I have been giving it much more thought, and its a subject that is getting its very own blog, but more about that latter, anyway, struggler left me a comment that got my rummaging through my collection of clippings, here's way:

Struggler Commented;
Great pointers, thank you. I do need to give more formal thought to this; I am drawn to bright colors and fun patterns, then wonder why my home lacks the grown-up calm that I seek.
Our house is also by the water, and I want to acknowledge that while refraining from turning it into a beachy theme park.


Dear Struggler

I recalled having saved a selection of seaside/beach inspired pages from magazines, and this lovely home came to mind when you said that you would like a grown up calm, but beachy inspired home.

This one, featured in the Country Homes and Interiors Magazine of April 2009 has a lovely calm feel to it, yet takes its inspiration form the ocean outside. I love the use of the drift wood accessories used throughout the rooms, and the use of textures such as the sheep skin rugs and cushions and the rustic drift Wood furniture.

After doing a bit of googling I discovered that this home is in fact a Holiday home in Ireland and you can see more stunning photos here and here.

22 Mar 2010

Its Spring, so that can only mean one thing...

The days are getting longer, pretty flowers are popping up everywhere, so that can only mean one thing.....yes folks its the Spring Cure over at Apartment Therapy, and this time around I have come fully armed in that I have actually bought the book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure ! Yes there it is in the picture above, and yes I have actually read it through, and I have to say that having the book on hand as a reference is great, so this time around I hope to achieve new heights with the Spring Cure, having had a couple of goes before, and achieved a little success each time round, I hope to get it down to a fine art this time.

I've been following the Apartment Therapy blog for a couple of years now, but when you read this book you really get a better understanding about Apartment Therapy and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, and what its all about, so if your having a go or thinking of having a go, I can highly recommend the book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure.

Finding your own style: part one, updated.

This post has been updated because I'm discovering new ways of Finding my own style, so I thought I would share them with you.

Do you struggle to find a style for your home that you are happy with? Have you bought something for the home, only to live with it for 6 months or so, then realise that you hate it, and it does not go with anything else in the room, or may be you are one of those people who are drawn to the pretty shinny, brightly coloured this or that at every corner, and end up with a whole host of missed matched things that no matter how many times you tell your self it falls into the eclectic bracket of interior style, you just cant make it work and look like the magazines shoots do.
Did you answer yes to any of the above? then join me in Finding your own style, over the the next few weeks/months we will do some simple exercise that I hope will help us, together find a style that we like, and are happy with, a style that works with our home and family. This is as much an exercise for me as I hope it will be for you. Do feel free to share any tips and comments along the way that you have found useful.
Start by looking at:

1. Magazines

There are dozens of Homes magazines on the market so there is bound to be one with a style that you feel comfortable with. As you read through them you can book mark pages that you like, (this works well for people who find it hard to tear up magazines, me being one of them) try colour coding them, pink for bedroom, blue for bathroom, red for kitchen, that way when you are looking for inspiration for a certain room, you know which colour to turn to.

2. Books

Buying books can be costly, so try out your local library especially if you are not sure what your style is as yet. Check out local book shops and brows through various homes books. Search through Amazon, if you open up an account they will also give you recommendations based on your search results.

3. Blogs

There are a huge amount of Homes bloggers out there, all eager to share their homes, ideas and inspiration with you, start following a few and also see who they follow too! Check out the books that they love, you will get a feel for the ones that are the sure favourites once you start following a few blogs. We bloggers know a good book when we see it. Afew that I like are;






4. Flickr

Have you got your own flickr account? its a great way of saving images you come across and also collect your own pictures you take of your own home. Join a few groups there are so many of them you will be spoilt for choice!

5. Homes shows.

There are usually plenty of shows about Homes and interiors going on around the globe, a great place to source new ideas and products for the home, whether it be just a simple decor update, or plans of a new home extension. Do a google search for shows going on in your area.

6. On the High Street.

check out the Home furnishing stores, and take a note of the ones that you are drawn to, pick up a store catalogue, most of the big ones will have one. Check out their online stores as well, sometimes online you can find special offers that are not available in store.

Keeping it organised.

1. Start a filing system

If you don't mind tearing up your magazines, start a filing system, tear out pages and pop them into plastic folders and binder. I do this with older magazines before I can bring myself to throw them away, I also have them filed according to style, so I have beach style, country cottage style modern living etc etc. A good idea is to have a file for each room in the house that you want to decorate.

2. Online.

Make use of places online for storing images that catch your eye, get a Flickr account to add them to, and while your there join a few groups, ones that I like include Flea Market Style , a group inspired be the book Flea Market Style, off beat interiors, for off beat ideas, Young House love great for mood board ideas. More places to collect ideas include, http://www.houzz.com/ and http://www.decomyplace.com/.

3. Make an inspiration board

keep a pin board/notice board and collect things that inspire you. collect wall paper sample, and fabric samples, pin coloured items to the board that catch your eye, for example a sweet wrapper in a certain colour, or leaf collected on a walk. Note what colours and textures you are drawn to.

4. Get snappy

A great tool to have when out and about is a mobile phone with a camera, when you see something that inspires you whip out your phone and take a snap, it could be the colour of a flower, or a great looking building, or an item of furniture in a shop,this is great for if you spot something , but are not sure if it will match with everything else at home. When you get home, just add your photos to your flickr account, or where ever you choose to store your photos.

So armed with all this information, you are now ready to go start finding your own style, I hope this has helped you to find a system that works for you.

Happy collecting!

18 Mar 2010

cowboy books and charity find lamps.

Do you Style with books and magazines? Sometimes when flicking through a Homes magazine or on a blog I come across a photo where books or magazines are used in the styling, not just on the coffee table or on a book shelf, but used in way to create a Little styled area. So i have been playing at being a stylist around the house of late, using magazines and books to create my own little styled areas here and there, I have even let some of my Husbands tastes creep into the styling of our home, normally it is me that has the last say on on decorating, but just lately I have been looking at things with more of an open mind, the map lamp shade I made for him a while back, but the other day I thought I would dig out his cowboy annuals and use them along side my newly aquired charity lamp. You see, recently I joined the group interior styling on flickr run by Holly Becker of Decor8, and each Month Holly sets us a little photographic challenge, my offering is the picture with the white chair, lamp, bag and cowboy books. Actually the cowboy books work really well with the turquoise colour of the lamp as the spines of the books are all different colours, it adds a lovely pop of colour.

Check out these other great flickr group pools:

Interior Styling

Flea Market Style

offbeat interiors

This Home Sweet Home This is my group, do feel free to join and share, all welcome.

Interior Style Files and this is also my group which goes with my other blog that I am working on, which you are free to join too!

Have a very stylish weekend ;)

15 Mar 2010

Charity lamp shade chic.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so, did the lovely weather put a spring in your step? I spent some of the weekend playing at being a stylist again. On Friday I stopped by the charity shops just on the off chance really, and picked up this lovely little table and lamp in this fab turquoise colour, I thought that I might paint the table but actually when I got home, the lamp and table just seemed to go together so well that I now think they where made for each other and am going to leave it as it is.
The Lamp didn't have a shade with it when I bought it, so just to see what style shade I should go for, I borrowed the one from our bedroom, this map lamp I made a while back for my husband as he has a thing about maps, we have a few dotted around the home, something which I am beginning to quite like, anyway, I wanted to see if this shape of shade would go with the lamp base, and as it turned out, I think I have another great match, as they just seem to go so well together, isn't it strange, you could be looking for something for ages, and then out of the blue it all just seems to fit into place.
Photos also added to my flickr groups here and here, and also to the flickr group of Decor8 with the lovely Holly, where I have been picking up some great styling tips and getting some inspiration from the group pool, well worth a visit if you haven't yet stopped by. you are also very welcome to add your self to my group pool on flickr too!
lamp shade kits available from www.duffylondon.com click here for kit.

13 Mar 2010

Watch and Marvel

Photo Made by Girl blog

We have all seen these lovely hand cut maps created by Famille Summerbelle, but do you know just how much work goes into creating one of these lovely maps, watch the link below and marvel.

avaiable to buy from:
Bodie and fou also a nice little interview here by Bodie and fou

Made by girl

Have a marvelous weekend!

11 Mar 2010

Graham And Green Offer.

Psst...EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF GRAHAM AND GREEN OFFER, not available on the Graham and Green website or in customer emails.
20% off when you spend over £50 online
Code: M10AA20
Valid: until Midnight on Thursday 11th March
Terms and conditions: this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion code, and is only valid when you meet the minimum spend of £50 in one order.

Update: new offer from Graham and Green, 20% of everything this weekend code M10WE20 OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT MONDAY 15TH terms and conditions apply.

10 Mar 2010

Mag of the month

Is it just me, or is 2010 galloping by at a fast rate of knots? I can't believe that I have just bought the April issue of Livingetc Magazine! which means we live in hope of spring soon, so grab yourself a bunch of spring flowers and make like a florist following the styling tips for flowers on page 142.
I'm sensing a rival of bugs and things under glass, collections of items show cased a-la museum like-style, Victorian eccentricity at its best, or worst depending on how you feel about dead things in glass cases, not for me really, but what I am loving is the free extract of Sibella court's latest book Etcetera, and if the extract is anything to go by, then the book is going to be fabulous.
If your idea of living is minimal then her style will be your worst nightmare! It truly is a feast for your eyes.
If your looking to add a bit of pattern into your home, then check out some great idea for adding pops of pattern and colour into your home this spring. (page 49)
livingetc, its got it all this month.


8 Mar 2010

Quick project, (not really a project at all)

OK, here is a really quick DIY project for you, not really a project, its SoOOo simple, I got the idea for this from all over the place, a bit from here, a bit from here and a bit from here.
you will need
  1. A photo frame that fits a piece of A4 paper in it.
  2. A4 printer paper.
  3. A phrase or saying that is personal to you and your loved ones.
  4. A printer, preferably with some ink in it (this is why this has taken me sooo long to do this)
Firstly type out your phrase, or saying, and fill the page, if its just a short phrase copy and paste it until it fills the whole page. For the on above I typed, I Love You over and over again. Adjust your colour to a slightly lighter colour of black, then print this page out, and then put it back into the printer. Next type another phrase but make this larger, and adjust the colour to dark black, move it around on your page until you are happy with where it is, (do a page preview to see how it looks) for the one above I simply typed 1,4,3, if you are fans of The Lettered Cottage, you may get this, its so cute. Now print this out over the top of your all ready printed page. (you may have to do a test run with another piece of paper to see which way up your printer prints out, if that makes sense)
Take this out of the printer and Pop it into a frame and hey presto! Its really that simple...
You can really play around with this, try different colours, different fonts, and sizes, highlight one of two words etc etc... do let me know if you have a go, would love to see what you come up with, its sooo easy to do.

4 Mar 2010

Habitat Surprise

A special delivery had me dancing around the living room like a two year old yesterday, a box full of Habitat goodies! Now usually Habitat do not deliver to the Channel Islands, but with the help of the newly set up delivery service, ship2me, you can now buy all those lovely items that once upon a time would have meant a trip to the UK to get.
In my box of goodies included a lovely brightly multicoloured latticed ribbon cushion, a large throw and a table lamp, which had me playing stylist for most of the afternoon, (i need plenty of practice there I know)
This cotton throw will keep me snug from now right through to the summer when it will come in useful for a picnic blanket, with summer salads and pink lemonade!

this little lamp looks fab on my newly acquired tea chest, though I think it will end up in my daughters bedroom, she has plans of decorating her bedroom this weekend, white , black, and bright pink.
See that red sofa above, how could you miss it? I was going through a red phase a few years back, but now I'm longing for something grey......

1 Mar 2010

Tea chest inspiration.

Good morning how was your weekend, I spent the best part of mine looking for ideas on how to use my recently acquired Tea Chest that I snapped up last Friday. When I first caught sight of it, I remembered seeing these lovely images below in the Livingetc Magazine, and the crate as a side table got me thinking that my tea chest would look great used as a side table too. Its also got the added charm of the great slogans such as IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD TEA, as a big tea drinker I quite agree.
Photos above Photographer Paul Massey's Home

Styling and photo above by Samantha Stansbridge (me!)

Sooo I have been trying it out as a side table in my living room, unfortunately the top had been removed so for now I have had to turn it upside down to use it, which is a shame as the slogan don't quite have the same appeal when you have to stand on your head to read them !

If you fancy trying this your self, but can't get your hands on an old Tea chest I have discovered that this kind of tea chest is still made, (see here ) it would be very easy to do it your self by just adding some wording, and maybe age the wood a Little by staining with some tea!

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