27 Feb 2010

Tea Crate Table?

Just a quick post as I'm heading out the door in a sec, but I had to share this with you, what I think is a great find though my husband begs to differ. yesterday we all went to visit the Hospice (which is a charity shop in Jersey) and I spotted this old Tea crate on the side, I rather hoped it was for throwing out and sent my Husband to enquire if I could have it, don't' you just love the wording on the side? IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD TEA, well Hubby returned to inform me that there where 3 and this is the only one left, and its selling for £15.00, oh my goodness I was stunned, but it tuns out that these little old tea crates are sort after now, and the other two went to someone who intends to use them as tables....I wonder if she has been reading the same Homes magazines as me!
Later I will be searching for some ideas on how to use my lovely Tea Crate as a piece of furniture and if I Should treat it with anything of not, one side has a bad bit of mildew on it, and I'm not sure how to deal with it, for now though I'm off to St. Peters Garden Centre, spring is in the air me thinks. Hope you enjoy the weekend....


  1. oh what a yummy find! I would have bought this too had I found it. Lucky you.

    Am doing a AAF free ticket giveaway, if you know anyone that might want to come, do send them over!


  2. Fab find, definitely! I do hope your husband comes around to the idea - I can just imagine mine reacting in the same way!

  3. I'm lucky that My husband will indulge me a little, though I wasn't so impressed with the kettel he brought home with him, we are relly polls apart when it comes to items for the home!


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