17 Feb 2010

Take one old picture frame.....

The other day while browsing Apartment Therapy I came across a post on how to make a bulletin board out of something called homasote and burlap. Well as luck would have it, I had a piece of this board and some burlap just hanging around at home, I also had an old picture frame hanging up with no picture in it, which my husband said looked daft with nothing in it, although I thought it was making a statement, just because it is a picture frame doesn't mean it has to have a picture in it, right? Anyways, I thought my bulletin board needed a frame, so I used this one, I didn't tell my husband that the burlap came from his fancy dress costume from a few year ago when he went to a party as a rat catcher! Its been in the back of the cupboard for so long hopefully he want miss it!

I'm going to use the bulletin board to collect pictures of things that will hopefully help me find a style that I am happy with, (still working on the Finding your own Style series) I have been taking a look at colour pattern and texture over the last few weeks and am drawn to lots of natural textures and fibres, such as woolen throws and wooden furniture, I'm not a fan of high gloss plastic looking items, although I do favour reflective surfaces.

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  1. Good idea to use picture frame as a bulletin board, it will keep the room tidy,i will use in the kitchen to pin up my grocery list and recipes, thanks for sharing the idea.


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