17 Feb 2010

I'm not dolally after all!

You may recall a few weeks ago that I did a post on chalk boards which I am really loving right now, and there was a little bit of confussion as to just where I had spotted the picture above, (I had been blogging while watching TV and flicking through my pile of magazines) I thought I had spotted it in the Livingetc magazine, then found that it was in the Ideal Home Magazine, well actually I was right all along, I had spotted it in the Livingect magazine, it was this months to be exact (February 2010) I thought I was going a bit dolally, but I'm happy to report that I'm not! Well anyway, the stylist who had styled the shot for the Ideal Home Magazine turned out to be marie Nichols, (Marie left a comment on the post) who is an interior stylist from the UK, currently working as a freelance stylist in Sydney, she writes the blog Whole Lotta Lovely, which is now on my list of must read blogs, if you have ever wondered like I do, how the process goes from idea to final photo in the magazine, then you get a little glipme into this on Maries blog, click here to see an example. Being a stylist is something I dream of maybe doing one day.......


  1. I love this picture. How ace would it be to have a huge wall calender?! Better than the computer one pinging at me all the time. I am thinking of moving this year so will have to make a huge wall space in the next office! P.S. I'm glad your not dolally.


  2. Sorry to have confused you, and I'm pleased you're not dolally! Thanks for the mention on your lovely blog

  3. I love chalk boards! This one is so cool - would love to have an entire chalk board wall


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