26 Feb 2010

Folksy Finds: Alice In Wonderland

Will you be going to see the new Alice in wonderland film? I've just been watching the trailer.... not sure what to think of it really....., you know when you watch a film, then go to bed, and you dream about the film, but your mind plays tricks on you, for instance, people in your dream have heads but no face, or your husband is saying something to you, but he has the body of your pet cat, (eating to much cheese before bed maybe) Yeah well... the new Alice in Wonderland is a bit like that really.... then it has got Johnny Depp in it, he does love to do a dark movie.
Anyway its been a while since a did a folksy find, so this morning I stopped by Folksy to have a gander at whats on offer, and its full of Alice In Wonderland inspired creations. Here are a few that caught my eye for the home. Enjoy
(Above) TerrorDome on Follsy (Below)

Above) Champignons on folksy (Below)

(Above) Wall envy Art on Folksy (below)

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