5 Feb 2010

All loved up....

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.....around these parts lately, my Nephew and his girlfriend have just got engaged, and my husband and I have recently celebrated our wedding anniversary (23 years!) so when I spotted this framed poem this morning in my google reader (and had a little chuckle to myself over the toilet seat and trousers on the floor) I just had to re-blog it! Its available from Pearl&Earl ( I recently blogged about them last week, scroll down a little to see) priced at just £29.00 who by the way also have a blog that you can follow along with, and if you pop over there right now you can see some more lovely stuff to get all loved up over.
Update, find the Poem  here.


  1. Congratulations, wow 23 years is pretty impressive

  2. Congratulations on 23 years! We are just coming up on our 7th.
    That is a lovely little print, I am so drawn to WORD prints. I love the rhyming too, it's sweet and clever!

  3. Congratulations, wow 23 years is pretty impressive


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