27 Feb 2010

Tea Crate Table?

Just a quick post as I'm heading out the door in a sec, but I had to share this with you, what I think is a great find though my husband begs to differ. yesterday we all went to visit the Hospice (which is a charity shop in Jersey) and I spotted this old Tea crate on the side, I rather hoped it was for throwing out and sent my Husband to enquire if I could have it, don't' you just love the wording on the side? IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD TEA, well Hubby returned to inform me that there where 3 and this is the only one left, and its selling for £15.00, oh my goodness I was stunned, but it tuns out that these little old tea crates are sort after now, and the other two went to someone who intends to use them as tables....I wonder if she has been reading the same Homes magazines as me!
Later I will be searching for some ideas on how to use my lovely Tea Crate as a piece of furniture and if I Should treat it with anything of not, one side has a bad bit of mildew on it, and I'm not sure how to deal with it, for now though I'm off to St. Peters Garden Centre, spring is in the air me thinks. Hope you enjoy the weekend....

26 Feb 2010

Folksy Finds: Alice In Wonderland

Will you be going to see the new Alice in wonderland film? I've just been watching the trailer.... not sure what to think of it really....., you know when you watch a film, then go to bed, and you dream about the film, but your mind plays tricks on you, for instance, people in your dream have heads but no face, or your husband is saying something to you, but he has the body of your pet cat, (eating to much cheese before bed maybe) Yeah well... the new Alice in Wonderland is a bit like that really.... then it has got Johnny Depp in it, he does love to do a dark movie.
Anyway its been a while since a did a folksy find, so this morning I stopped by Folksy to have a gander at whats on offer, and its full of Alice In Wonderland inspired creations. Here are a few that caught my eye for the home. Enjoy
(Above) TerrorDome on Follsy (Below)

Above) Champignons on folksy (Below)

(Above) Wall envy Art on Folksy (below)

25 Feb 2010

And the Winner of This is my Habitat is..

you may recall that last October Habitat ran a competition to find the new face of This is My Habitat, well the waiting is over and I can reveal that the winner has been announced and it is....

... Alison Hyslop, aged 58, Alison sent in a photo of herself sitting in her living room and is now set to follow in supermodel, Helena Christensen’s footsteps as the face of the This is My Habitat. She is set to feature in the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign after wowing the competition judges with her striking, colourful and modern home. Here's what Alison had to say when you discovered that she had won:

“I literally couldn't’ speak for about an hour when I was told that my entry had won. I was excited to have been picked as the overall winner as I’m a big fan of Habitat but to be fronting an advertising campaign really is something else.
I love Danish design and natural materials but don’t tend to stick to one trend. I like pairing different pieces together for a unique look, especially if the product is interesting, bright and beautifully made.”

Information provided courtesy of www.Shinyred.co.uk

Sibella Court. Etcetera.

Photograph James Merrell

This morning like most other mornings I checked my blog, checked my emails and hopped on over to Twitter, to see who is saying what about who (in a good way of course) when I noticed a little tweet from Will of Bright Bazaar blog, it was about a book he had seen on amazon, knowing that Will loves all things about interiors, I thought I would check it out, and wow am i glad i did, you know that feeling when just checking something out s l o w l y turns to wide eyed excitement? well I got that this morning when the book that I checked out is Etcetera by Sibella Court a quick google of her name to check out that she was who I thought she was and.....yes it was....., got me digging through my magazine pile to refresh my memory of her great home that was featured in the insideout magazine of may-June 2008 (check it out here). Oooo imagine my delight to discover that her book is to be released in the UK This April! I have pre-ordered it already through Amazon and can't wait until it arrives!

The Fab Book

22 Feb 2010

Let there be clusters of light.

Right now I'm loving cluster lighting, Click on each picture to take you to where you can buy them from, actually one of these beauties is virtually free!

Available in Black and also white

17 Feb 2010

I'm not dolally after all!

You may recall a few weeks ago that I did a post on chalk boards which I am really loving right now, and there was a little bit of confussion as to just where I had spotted the picture above, (I had been blogging while watching TV and flicking through my pile of magazines) I thought I had spotted it in the Livingetc magazine, then found that it was in the Ideal Home Magazine, well actually I was right all along, I had spotted it in the Livingect magazine, it was this months to be exact (February 2010) I thought I was going a bit dolally, but I'm happy to report that I'm not! Well anyway, the stylist who had styled the shot for the Ideal Home Magazine turned out to be marie Nichols, (Marie left a comment on the post) who is an interior stylist from the UK, currently working as a freelance stylist in Sydney, she writes the blog Whole Lotta Lovely, which is now on my list of must read blogs, if you have ever wondered like I do, how the process goes from idea to final photo in the magazine, then you get a little glipme into this on Maries blog, click here to see an example. Being a stylist is something I dream of maybe doing one day.......

Take one old picture frame.....

The other day while browsing Apartment Therapy I came across a post on how to make a bulletin board out of something called homasote and burlap. Well as luck would have it, I had a piece of this board and some burlap just hanging around at home, I also had an old picture frame hanging up with no picture in it, which my husband said looked daft with nothing in it, although I thought it was making a statement, just because it is a picture frame doesn't mean it has to have a picture in it, right? Anyways, I thought my bulletin board needed a frame, so I used this one, I didn't tell my husband that the burlap came from his fancy dress costume from a few year ago when he went to a party as a rat catcher! Its been in the back of the cupboard for so long hopefully he want miss it!

I'm going to use the bulletin board to collect pictures of things that will hopefully help me find a style that I am happy with, (still working on the Finding your own Style series) I have been taking a look at colour pattern and texture over the last few weeks and am drawn to lots of natural textures and fibres, such as woolen throws and wooden furniture, I'm not a fan of high gloss plastic looking items, although I do favour reflective surfaces.

Magazine of The Month

I'm back with The Magazine of the Month, which I have missed doing so far this Year! yes I know...slacker! but looking at my magazine pile I see that Livingetc seems to be a favourite at the moment, I have January, February, and I have just bought the March edition which as usual is jam packed with loads of inspiration and trends to look out for for 2010, from the 21st century take on Victorian, to the pale pastels of an ice cream parlour. Personally I can't say I'm keen on either if I'm honest, but what did catch my eye was the floor lamp below which is from Tesco, talk about supermarket chic! I really love this lamp. Supermarkets and budget stores are really pulling out all the stops when It comes to stylish items for the home.

Livingetc March 2010
Photography Paul Raeside, styling Annabel smith.

The other thing that I fell in love with is the lovely wallpaper from Osborne and Little which adorn the walls (below) of writer and stylist, Laura Campbell and her Husband Adam Hall. In fact I love the whole room, i think this will end up in one of my Finding my own style files that are growing in size!

Livingetc March 2010
Photography Paul Massey and James Merrell

For more inspiration check out the Livingetc site here

15 Feb 2010

Something strange going on!

Over the weekend I noticed something strange going on, the amount of people visiting my blog rose suddenly, and I noticed that I had quite a few more followers, ummm... I wondered whats going on here...? Well after a bit of detective work, I discovered that my little blog had gotten a mention on non other than Young House Love. John and Sherry had picked up on one of my blog posts (we share stuff in google reader you know) and I have to say I was chuffed to bits, its such a big honor to get a mention by these guys!
So if you have hopped on over from Young House Love, hello and welcome, its very nice to have you along for the ride, I would love to hear from you, so do feel free to leave a comment, even if its just to say hello....

5 Feb 2010

All loved up....

Click picture to enlarge.
.....around these parts lately, my Nephew and his girlfriend have just got engaged, and my husband and I have recently celebrated our wedding anniversary (23 years!) so when I spotted this framed poem this morning in my google reader (and had a little chuckle to myself over the toilet seat and trousers on the floor) I just had to re-blog it! Its available from Pearl&Earl ( I recently blogged about them last week, scroll down a little to see) priced at just £29.00 who by the way also have a blog that you can follow along with, and if you pop over there right now you can see some more lovely stuff to get all loved up over.
Update, find the Poem  here.

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