26 Jan 2010

To brighten up a winters day.

Have you heard of Pear & Earl? I came across them today and fell in love with these bright and cheerful lovelies, perfect to brighten up a dull grey winters day. Inspired by all thing with a nostalgic charm, Pearl & Earl launched in 2008, and have just won The best home product 2010
awarded by Top Drawer for their new art prints, these needlepoint kits will bring fun and vibrancy to any room, I love the 2nd one down, I think it had me with home made jam and scones.
Check out the two sites (granny knits) for all things nostalgic. VW Camper van lovers will also be very happy!

These needle point kits are also available from the sister site Granny Knits

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  1. ooohhh I know Pearl & Earl but haven't seen these before, love them!


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