21 Jan 2010

The room swap...

So.... you may remember that I talked about giving our two daughters some much needed space by swapping bedrooms with them in this post here, and last weekend we took the bull by the horns so to speak and set about the big swap. I would love to say that at the end of it all we had a lovely snug bedroom for myself and my husband, like the room above, and our girls had more room to... well just be girls, but as they say the best laid planes of mice and men, and its safe to say that it did not go to plan at all, and at this point my husbands voice is still ringing in my ears, "I told you so". Well I had to see for myself, not being one to just take any ones word for it, so I set about the big swap, when I say I, what I mean is all the family and a friends little girl who we where baby sitting at the time ( make the most of some free child labour), and we all began merrily humping bedroom furniture across the landing...... and back again...... and when I say back again, I really do mean BACK again. Yes folks we spent all Saturday afternoon swapping the rooms around....then all Saturday evening swapping it right back again!!
I wish I had taken some before and after photos so you could see what I mean, (I got this snap half way though) basically our double bed and bedside tables fitted in nicely, but we came unstuck with the wardrobe space, we just would not be able to open the doors to get into them. And then there came the realisation that in our bedroom I have some 18 years of very important clutter! Where would I keep it all. So for now we are back in our old room, our youngest daughter is back in the small room, and our oldest daughter is back on the living room floor! Looking on the positive side if there is one, the rooms got a good hover over, and I began to realise that I need to have a very serious de-clutter, and although I tell myself that I'm not a hoarder of useless stuff, faced with the reality, have to confess that I think I have a slight problem. (enter stage right new book to book pile, apartment therapy the eight-step cure, which I have to say is making a very good read.)
This weekend is a bedroom swap free weekend.... or the rest of my family plan to be out.... all weekend! Have yourselves a good one ;)

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  1. Ouch, I'm so sorry this didn't work out, but it sounds as though in this case hubby was probably right. Hope you manage to de-clutter a bit and find a space for everyone to call their own!


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