1 Jan 2010

January 2010!

Well last year is behind us, a whole new year is in front of us and I guess for many its a chance to start a fresh, wipe the slate clean and start all over again. So what are you planning for your home this year, new decor, new furnishings, or even a new home all together , its so exciting isn't it?
I have been toying with the idea of swapping our bedrooms around, you see when we moved into our home some 17 years ago, our two girls where just toddlers and the second bedroom, complete with bunk beds seemed just fine for them both.... Fast forward a few years and unfortunately the bedroom did not grow to accommodate my ever growing girls, and all that comes with two young adults, who out grew the bunk beds, (actually one night the bunk beds collapsed with the girls in them.... they survived the ordeal, but the bunk beds did not) so for the last couple of months my eldest daughter has been camping out on the sitting room floor, not ideal for any of us, you cannot imagine just how much stuff young girls have, especially when most of it is all over the living room floor!
So I came up with the idea of giving up our large bedroom and moving into the smaller bedroom, giving the girls some much needed space. My husband is not keen on the idea but i feel we have to at least try..... Check back later to see how we get on with this one...or not.
So what else do I have planned? well for January I am going to run a little series on Finding your own style, this is as much an exercise for me as I hope it will be for you, and will be kicking off form next week all being well, so do join me for this, and hopefully we will all learn something along the way....
I'll be back to checking out items selling on Folksy again, but sticking to just a monthly post, if you have been following the Friday folksy finds before, you may remember I had been posting every Friday, but it was just becoming a bit too much, so just one monthly Folksy find from now on.
Well I think that's all for today, as this is turning into one of the longest posts I have done for a while, but before I go, I will leave you with this little tip, which I have taken from my lovely Good Homes magazine, calendar for January 2010, Liven up your sofa or bed with a colourful cushion or two, by making the most of the new year sales.

Graham and Green

Right now I'm off for a lovely cup of January Tea, it really does taste better in a china cup! Enjoy the rest of your evening...


  1. What a lovely photo of the dog and all those fab cushions!
    Good luck if you do decide to switch bedrooms; it sounds a teeny bit drastic to me but you know your house and family best!

  2. I love your cup of tea! What a lovely photo to bring in the new year. Found you via the newly formed interior styling group. Very cool blog.

  3. I love your cup of tea! What a lovely photo to bring in the new year. Found you via the newly formed interior styling group. Very cool blog.


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