14 Jan 2010

Finding your own style: Part two.

How did you get on with Part one of Finding your own style? Is there a style starting to emerge? For the second part of Finding your own style, we are now going to look at

  • colour
  • pattern and
  • texture.

Do the same with this section as before, get a sheet of paper or a scrap book (I note from your comments that some people prefer to add thing to a scrap book, I like a sheet of paper hung up so its easy to see) and start to look at colours, pattern and different textures that catch your eye, try visiting a DIY store and collect some paint samples, again look through magazines and tear out any rooms settings with a colour scheme that you like, check out fabric samples and wallpaper samples with patterns and textures that that you like. Build up a Sample/mood board of all the samples that inspire you. I'll be back in a few days to share mine with you, again do feel free to share what you find either by leaving a comment or sharing on your own blog.

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