28 Jan 2010

Fabulous tip for you.

At the beginning of the month when we had snow, my daughter borrowed my leather gloves to go make snow men in, (she tells me that she has discovered that leather gloves are soooo good for building snow men in) and when Mr snow man was finished being rolled about all over our garden, said daughter put my leather gloves (which I might add where actually a present to me) on the back of the solid fuel range(its a Stanley) to dry.... Next day when I came to put them on, they where... what shall I say....slightly crispy! Slightly miffed that that my gloves where possibly ruined, I had a brain wave moment and reached for the auto glym which I use to polish the leather seats of my husbands car, with the thoughts that if it works for car seats it will work for gloves, so having put the gloves on, I squirted some cream on to the palms of the gloves and rubbed in, and I have to say it worked like a dream! Fast forwards to yesterday, and I took a trip to the charity shop to look for a dresser for my kitchen, didn't find one, but did find a fab pair of Nine West knee high leather boots, like new just needed a bit of love, and on bringing these little stunners home remembered the auto glym cream and yes folks it works like a dream on leather boots too!
So in a way I have to thank my daugter for this tip as I may never of discovered just how good this stuff really is.

Actually turning over the bottle and reading the label, it does read, and I quote, ALTERNATIVE USES: Suitable for a wide range of household leather goods. Always test an inconspicuous area first as certain types of unsealed leather may stain or suffer colour loss when brought into contact with moisture.

I also note that this stuff is, By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales. (do a little curtsy) So it must be good stuff!

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