21 Jan 2010

Chalkin it up.

Ideal Home Magazine (above)

madebygirl.blogspot.com (above and below)

Chalk boards have been popular for a while now, I even have a section of wall painted with black board paint in my kitchen, but how about these ones above, don't they look great? and they don't have to be black! The lovely pink board is ideal for a girls room or play area, and I absolutely love the one behind the bed, though not entirely sure if the art work is done using chalk.
Update; the lovely calendar chalkboard above was featured in the Ideal Home Magazine September 2009 and Not taken from the living etc magazine as previously stated. Apologies to all, that's what happens when trying to watch TV and blog at the same time, and flicking through back dated homes magazines. :) Hope that clears up that little over sight.


  1. I really like the first chalkboard picture you posted of the calendar. Did that come from Living Etc.? I can't find it on their site so I wasn't sure if your "Living Etc. Magazine" reference was for that picture or the one below it with the little girl. I was trying to find the colors they used.


  2. Thanks! There is a tutorial on Martha Stewart's site as well for a similar project. It goes a little more in detail and has instructions for making your own chalkboard paint.


  3. Wow! I love the one behind the headboard! I admit, I am a chalkboard junkie. I have a built in floor to ceiling one in my kitchen, in a previous house we had one in our living room. But I am rethinking having it just be black. Hmmmm...

  4. How funny, I styled the first shot for Ideal Home! Thanks for the kind words. The colours we're mixed, I think there was a "how to" in the mag which was the September 09 issue, not sure if the've put the step by step on the website though.

  5. I used Martha's Trick and made a rich grey chalk board for my dining room - it was so simple


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