29 Jan 2010

Scandi wall decoration.

Don't you just love the fresh feel of these scandi wall decorations? Perfect for a child's room. Recently a couple of people I know have had babies, so I have been in the mood for a looking at baby stuff, not too much though you understand, don't want to be getting broody myself now!
These lovely scandi inspired wall decorations where spotted at Lily and Lime, and come with the recycled teak shelf to fix to the wall. Not only do they make a lovely poster style display, but as they are made from hardboard can be used as drawing boards to develop creative drawing skills when your little ones get older.

28 Jan 2010

Fabulous tip for you.

At the beginning of the month when we had snow, my daughter borrowed my leather gloves to go make snow men in, (she tells me that she has discovered that leather gloves are soooo good for building snow men in) and when Mr snow man was finished being rolled about all over our garden, said daughter put my leather gloves (which I might add where actually a present to me) on the back of the solid fuel range(its a Stanley) to dry.... Next day when I came to put them on, they where... what shall I say....slightly crispy! Slightly miffed that that my gloves where possibly ruined, I had a brain wave moment and reached for the auto glym which I use to polish the leather seats of my husbands car, with the thoughts that if it works for car seats it will work for gloves, so having put the gloves on, I squirted some cream on to the palms of the gloves and rubbed in, and I have to say it worked like a dream! Fast forwards to yesterday, and I took a trip to the charity shop to look for a dresser for my kitchen, didn't find one, but did find a fab pair of Nine West knee high leather boots, like new just needed a bit of love, and on bringing these little stunners home remembered the auto glym cream and yes folks it works like a dream on leather boots too!
So in a way I have to thank my daugter for this tip as I may never of discovered just how good this stuff really is.

Actually turning over the bottle and reading the label, it does read, and I quote, ALTERNATIVE USES: Suitable for a wide range of household leather goods. Always test an inconspicuous area first as certain types of unsealed leather may stain or suffer colour loss when brought into contact with moisture.

I also note that this stuff is, By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales. (do a little curtsy) So it must be good stuff!

26 Jan 2010

To brighten up a winters day.

Have you heard of Pear & Earl? I came across them today and fell in love with these bright and cheerful lovelies, perfect to brighten up a dull grey winters day. Inspired by all thing with a nostalgic charm, Pearl & Earl launched in 2008, and have just won The best home product 2010
awarded by Top Drawer for their new art prints, these needlepoint kits will bring fun and vibrancy to any room, I love the 2nd one down, I think it had me with home made jam and scones.
Check out the two sites (granny knits) for all things nostalgic. VW Camper van lovers will also be very happy!

These needle point kits are also available from the sister site Granny Knits

21 Jan 2010

Chalkin it up.

Ideal Home Magazine (above)

madebygirl.blogspot.com (above and below)

Chalk boards have been popular for a while now, I even have a section of wall painted with black board paint in my kitchen, but how about these ones above, don't they look great? and they don't have to be black! The lovely pink board is ideal for a girls room or play area, and I absolutely love the one behind the bed, though not entirely sure if the art work is done using chalk.
Update; the lovely calendar chalkboard above was featured in the Ideal Home Magazine September 2009 and Not taken from the living etc magazine as previously stated. Apologies to all, that's what happens when trying to watch TV and blog at the same time, and flicking through back dated homes magazines. :) Hope that clears up that little over sight.

The room swap...

So.... you may remember that I talked about giving our two daughters some much needed space by swapping bedrooms with them in this post here, and last weekend we took the bull by the horns so to speak and set about the big swap. I would love to say that at the end of it all we had a lovely snug bedroom for myself and my husband, like the room above, and our girls had more room to... well just be girls, but as they say the best laid planes of mice and men, and its safe to say that it did not go to plan at all, and at this point my husbands voice is still ringing in my ears, "I told you so". Well I had to see for myself, not being one to just take any ones word for it, so I set about the big swap, when I say I, what I mean is all the family and a friends little girl who we where baby sitting at the time ( make the most of some free child labour), and we all began merrily humping bedroom furniture across the landing...... and back again...... and when I say back again, I really do mean BACK again. Yes folks we spent all Saturday afternoon swapping the rooms around....then all Saturday evening swapping it right back again!!
I wish I had taken some before and after photos so you could see what I mean, (I got this snap half way though) basically our double bed and bedside tables fitted in nicely, but we came unstuck with the wardrobe space, we just would not be able to open the doors to get into them. And then there came the realisation that in our bedroom I have some 18 years of very important clutter! Where would I keep it all. So for now we are back in our old room, our youngest daughter is back in the small room, and our oldest daughter is back on the living room floor! Looking on the positive side if there is one, the rooms got a good hover over, and I began to realise that I need to have a very serious de-clutter, and although I tell myself that I'm not a hoarder of useless stuff, faced with the reality, have to confess that I think I have a slight problem. (enter stage right new book to book pile, apartment therapy the eight-step cure, which I have to say is making a very good read.)
This weekend is a bedroom swap free weekend.... or the rest of my family plan to be out.... all weekend! Have yourselves a good one ;)

20 Jan 2010

Design Challenge

Have you ever thought about designing/making a piece of furniture, but don't have all the resources? The CustomMade.com Design Challenge invites you to use Google SketchUp to create your design and upload it here: If you design the winning creation, CustomMade.com, an online marketplace for consumers/designers seeking customized furniture and wood pieces, will create the piece you designed -- and pick up the tab!
You will have to be pretty quick though,
Entries Accepted: January 18, 2010 – February 12, 2010
Voting for Top Three Entries: February 15, 2010 – February 23, 2010
Winner Announced: Friday, February 26, 2010

For a full description and a link to the rules, check out http://blog.custommade.com/2010/01/design- challenge-2010/

14 Jan 2010

Finding your own style: Part two.

How did you get on with Part one of Finding your own style? Is there a style starting to emerge? For the second part of Finding your own style, we are now going to look at

  • colour
  • pattern and
  • texture.

Do the same with this section as before, get a sheet of paper or a scrap book (I note from your comments that some people prefer to add thing to a scrap book, I like a sheet of paper hung up so its easy to see) and start to look at colours, pattern and different textures that catch your eye, try visiting a DIY store and collect some paint samples, again look through magazines and tear out any rooms settings with a colour scheme that you like, check out fabric samples and wallpaper samples with patterns and textures that that you like. Build up a Sample/mood board of all the samples that inspire you. I'll be back in a few days to share mine with you, again do feel free to share what you find either by leaving a comment or sharing on your own blog.

11 Jan 2010

New to my book pile.

Thanks to my lovely Hubby, the latest book sitting on the top of my book pile is, A Girl's Guide to Decorating by abigail ahern. Described as a must have guide for any style conscious girl who won't let her budget compromise her taste, this book proves that style has nothing to do with money. Well I'm all for that in bucket loads!
The book covers such things as choosing your style, (something I'm currently working one) planning space, the wow factor, colour, texture and light, as well as handy tips and techniques.
I'm also a fan of her blog which offers a weekly peek into all that's hip and happening in the life and style of abigail ahern.

Interior Trends 2010

When it comes to walls in 2010 i think we will be seeing alot more brick, exposed or painted brick work will be the feature wall choice of many, adding interest and texture to rooms giving it a chic rough feel, slightly industrial/mill house feel but teamed with chic individual furnishing.

Abigail Ahern

If you are not Lucky enough to already have brick work, and are eager to get this look in your own home, then Dreamwalls have some stunning fake stone wall in various styles, quick and simple to install.

9 Jan 2010

Its a winter wonderland.

Its a winter wonderland outside our windows at the moment! Every thing is crisp and cold with a dusting of snow. Its a very magical scene out there, especially when it goes undisturbed by foot prints and car tracks.
Tuesday evening saw the start of the snow falling, followed by a day or two of disruption in the Island, and then just when I thought it was more or less all over, yesterday at about 4.00pm, I ventured out in the car only to find myself caught in another blast of wintry snow showers, which took everyone by surprise. So today I am staying put, keeping warm, making soup, and every so often peeking outside to take the odd picture or two.

Finding Your own style: So far.

One thing I want to do this year (amongst other things) is to find a style that fits my home and fits me! I don't know about you, but I find it really hard to narrow down a style that I truly feel is right for my home family and myself, when it comes to interiors, I'm like a child in a sweet shop, and want a bit of everything. So I'm doing this exercise to try and pinpoint what I like when it comes to interiors, decor and home furnishings. And so far this is what I have come up with, (click the picture to enlarge it) have you had a go yet, if you haven't, and your are finding it hard to find your style, I suggest you have a go, the results may not be those that you expect. My results so far are certainly a surprise, having a huge pile of home magazines, mostly with a more home and country feel about them, I was expecting to see a certain amount of pink flower and floral emerge, but actually that's not what I have been drawn to! The picture above is a mix of old but with a modern influence thrown in for good measure, not at all country.

Next week Finding your own style: Part two.

6 Jan 2010

DECO myplace.

I was recently invited to join Decomyplace to share tips ideas and photos from my flickr pages, which I did, and if you get a chance take a look your self, its simply brimming with great ideas tips and images for the home, from over 70 different countries around the world.

4 Jan 2010

Folksy Finds

Yesterday Evening I wandered over to Folksy to have a look around, and being as its that time of year for Sales, I thought I would have a look to see if there is a Folksy sale going on, so I typed in Sale in the search bar and came across the shop, Textiles by Charlotte Macey. There I found these items to delight you with.

Cupcakes apron £13.00

Tea cosy £25.00 (not in sale)

Bunting £10.00

Charlotte designs and makes a range of handmade home ware items, for the home, above is just a little taste of what she has in her shop, so pop on over to take a look and treat yourself to a little something, personally I love the bunting, I think it would be perfect for the spring to brighten up the kitchen.
You can aslo find Charlotte at www.stitchtales.blogspot.com.

1 Jan 2010

January 2010!

Well last year is behind us, a whole new year is in front of us and I guess for many its a chance to start a fresh, wipe the slate clean and start all over again. So what are you planning for your home this year, new decor, new furnishings, or even a new home all together , its so exciting isn't it?
I have been toying with the idea of swapping our bedrooms around, you see when we moved into our home some 17 years ago, our two girls where just toddlers and the second bedroom, complete with bunk beds seemed just fine for them both.... Fast forward a few years and unfortunately the bedroom did not grow to accommodate my ever growing girls, and all that comes with two young adults, who out grew the bunk beds, (actually one night the bunk beds collapsed with the girls in them.... they survived the ordeal, but the bunk beds did not) so for the last couple of months my eldest daughter has been camping out on the sitting room floor, not ideal for any of us, you cannot imagine just how much stuff young girls have, especially when most of it is all over the living room floor!
So I came up with the idea of giving up our large bedroom and moving into the smaller bedroom, giving the girls some much needed space. My husband is not keen on the idea but i feel we have to at least try..... Check back later to see how we get on with this one...or not.
So what else do I have planned? well for January I am going to run a little series on Finding your own style, this is as much an exercise for me as I hope it will be for you, and will be kicking off form next week all being well, so do join me for this, and hopefully we will all learn something along the way....
I'll be back to checking out items selling on Folksy again, but sticking to just a monthly post, if you have been following the Friday folksy finds before, you may remember I had been posting every Friday, but it was just becoming a bit too much, so just one monthly Folksy find from now on.
Well I think that's all for today, as this is turning into one of the longest posts I have done for a while, but before I go, I will leave you with this little tip, which I have taken from my lovely Good Homes magazine, calendar for January 2010, Liven up your sofa or bed with a colourful cushion or two, by making the most of the new year sales.

Graham and Green

Right now I'm off for a lovely cup of January Tea, it really does taste better in a china cup! Enjoy the rest of your evening...

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