19 Dec 2009

Three beautiful things

Today's post was inspired by the blog Three Beautiful Things which I came across the other day, and these paper creations seem to fit the bill.
My Mum use to say that when I was a little girl I had a thing about cutting up bits of paper, and there use to be a trail of random things cut up or glued around the house, well it seems that I have never really grown out of the cutting up bits of paper thing, I feel its always a shame to waste a pretty piece of paper or in the instance above, some wallpaper and a Greengate spring summer catalogue that where just far to nice to just throw away, so the pages of the catalogue have become these pretty little paper creations, and the wallpaper has become an origami box.
Very simple but most effective, I like to fill the boxes with chocolates and take them round to give to the host when invited for a meal to Friends homes. I have seen the little birds flying around on other blogs, but cant remember just where, when I spotted the pretty pages of the catalogue these just seems to fit so nicely. So there you have it, three Beautiful Things.

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