24 Dec 2009

Signing off for now.....

Well I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of yet another year, it seems like it was just last month 2009 began! So as we head off into the holiday period, whether you are jetting off into the sun, spending time with family, or just enjoying some down time relaxing and recharging your batteries, (in preparation for the sales!) I would just like to thank you all for stopping by throughout the year, leaving comments and sending me emails and words of encouragement for my little blog, This Home Sweet Home. Blog land is a very different place to be in, and I have to say I enjoy being here immensely, and I enjoy reading all your blogs as well, gleaning some tips and ideas from them along the way, and occasionally meeting people in the flesh, yes real people, who have stopped by to have a read of This Home Sweet Home, it’s a strange thing meeting people who read your blog….a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, and flushed cheeks!

So I will be signing off for a few weeks, trying not to think of things to blog about all the time, but I may just be checking out other blogs every so often, have you stopped by Apartment Therapy lately? They are busy holding the Homies awards, and I can't resist having a look, yes more blogs to discover and follow! I have been voting on my favourites and the list is getting longer and longer , and includes;


Some of your favourites in there too,? and yes there are a few votes for This Home Sweet Home in the Home design section as well, so thank you once again for stopping by and showing your support, and see you in 2010! (another year to fill with blogging)

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