31 Dec 2009

My highlights of 2009.

My highlights of 2009, goes like this,

  • Discovered blogs and blogging BIG time. Still hooked and loving it!
  • Started styling things around the home and taking pictures of them, which lead to the discovery of Polaroids (thanks to Ink on My fingers blog)
  • Started a flower arranging course, flowers every where for weeks on end! Family members still have not forgiven me for inducing chronic flower allergy.
  • Started an upholstery course, still have to finish chair.
  • Took part in the unravelling course, with the lovely Susannah Conway.
  • Fell in love with craft markets, now constantly stalking them.
  • Fell hook line and sinker in lust with anthropologie, gave strict instructions to daughter to visit store and take lots of pics. Still awaiting the the frill of actually owning something from said store, UK online store to launch in 2010.
  • Started a This Home Sweet Home Flickr group, so far just 2 members, me being one of them.
  • And last but not least getting 5 votes in the homies wards! Though can't really count my own really, roll on 2010, blogging all the way!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope to see you more in 2010!

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