7 Dec 2009

Good Morning,

Good morning to you all, how was your weekend? I have had a pretty lazy weekend really, as I have been under the weather a little, and as it has been raining cats and dogs for most of it, decided that the best place to be was at home.

Having spent Saturday morning reading in bed, then lazing on the sofa in the afternoon, Sunday was spent catching up on some house work, (cleaned the bathroom with fresh lemons after reading the book review) and playing at being a stylist, trying out my shutters that I painted last week in various different places around the house. I tried them on the window sill, (very original I know) then on the mantel piece in my bedroom, and last on the side table by my bed. I think my favourite place is either on the bed side table or on the window sill, I love the way that the light is filtered by the shutters when on the window sill. Although my husband does not share my enthusiasm in styling the house with shutters, hes more interested in the use of an item then how pretty it looks, what about you, do your tastes differ from those of you partner? I guess I'll have to work on mine a little.


  1. Ooohh - the photo's look fab!

    Thought I would pop over to say hello post-unravelling.

    Thanks for the follow too :)


  2. Yes, husbands don't always see the wisdom in our decorating choices, do they?! The shutters look great and I'm sure you'll find a lovely home for them somewhere.


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