5 Dec 2009

Book review.

Earlier this week I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a book! How exciting, my first book review! Well the book landed on my doormat yesterday, morning, So I spent this morning, a lazy Saturday in bed warm and cosy, Reading through Ms. Harris's Book of Green Household Management: The Essential Thrift Bible written by Caroline Harris, who is a journalist and mother, and also the Author of several children's non- fiction books. She has been a senior editor on the Observer, the Daily Express and has contributed to publications including the Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and The business.
After the birth of her son, she was inspired to change old habits and with her partner, have been trying to make their lives greener and more sustainable.
It couldn't have come at a better time, having been previously pouring over my bank statement and thinking we need to tighten our belts a little more so to speak, (my Husbands hours have been cut at work, which I think many people can relate too, what with the credit crunch and all) I was drawn to the word Thrift in the title and the prospect of money saving tips had me hooked. Actually the book is more about being green, but saving money along the way (by living with in your means) is a little incentive which helps. Does Living within your means mean going without? I ask myself.

Well having had a read through, I have discovered that living within our means is actually not as hard as it first sounds, for instance Caroline recommends things like forward planning, know what you are cooking for the next few days even up to a week, and use left overs rather than just throwing them away, a bit of forward thinking can save both time and money, not spending money on a dozen different house old cleaners, but rather use products that can be found in the kitchen such as bicarbonate of soda, lemons and vinegar.
The book is filled from front cover to back cover with a whole host of thriftier and greener ideas to help with the smooth running of the modern home, its like a gentle reminder on how to save money and live a more sustainable life. The subjects included range from detoxing you home, growing you own veg, making home made jams and bread and other recipes, sewing and mending your own clothes, and an interesting chapter on thriftier and greener family celebrations, for instance where to find ethical wedding rings, and where to buy diamonds that are conflict-free, and gold from ethical sources.

This book is not about installing solar panels and reed beds but more about making small changes in your every day life, its a straight forward practical no frills book that provides the reader with all the information needed to be more sustainable and save money. Described as a Mrs Beeton for the twenty-first century,it is a very useful book to have close to hand.
You can find her website/blog at http://www.ms-harris.com/ where your own comments and tips are very welcome.

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