6 Nov 2009

This is My Habitat competition.

Hello every body, I'm back from my weekend away, did you think I had got lost? I have been a bit lazy this week, and not blogged at all, but this morning I opened up my emails and great news, those lovely PR people from shiny red dropped me a line so I could pass on to you some exciting news about Habitat!
By now you are probably aware that Habitats new campaign is called 'This is my Habitat' (for some reason I get a song in my head and start singing this is my..... habitat.... to the tune of I did it my way) fronted by non other then Helena Christensen, well today habitat launches a 'this is my Habitat' competition, and invites you, yes you, (UK home dwellers) to dig out your camera and share what makes your house a home, what gives you the ahhh good to be home feeling when you unlock your front door after a hard day at work.
So for all you fans of design and interiors, unleash your inner interior stylist, get snapping and share your creative style, and your favourite habitat piece of furniture with the rest of Great Britain, and get this! you could be the next face of Habitats 'this is my habitat' campaign. The prize also includes a photo shoot in London, an overnight stay at a 5* star London hotel, plus £1,000 worth of Habitat vouchers! Sounds good?
Want to know more? click through to the Habitat site here. AND not only that, if like me you are unable to actually step into a real larger than life Habitat store (not because I have some strange tick that stops me from crossing the doors of huge department stores, but because I live in Jersey), Habitat’s online store goes live this week. Customers around the UK are now able to order from across the entire range of home furnishing and accessories and get it delivered to your door,... all from the comfort of that so very stylish sofa you are sitting on! Go on you know you want to give it a go.....Gosh all this excitement is making me giddy.

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