17 Nov 2009

The Upholstery Course So Far...

You may remember that in September I started a couple of short courses, one of them being upholstery, (find previous post about it here) well I thought I would treat you to a little update on how things are going, I did repaint the chair black as you can see from the photos above, and so far the the chair has undergone a new webbing base, added new springs, (the holes in the bottom where not gun shot holes as I had first suspected, but rather the old springs that had some how parted company leaving 3 great big holes, though I think the gun shot story had a better ring to it..see here) and the first cover of hessian. Now I know that that does not sound like a lot has gone on, but let me tell you, its actually quite a physical job to reupholster a chair, you would not believe how many tacks embedded into the wood you have to first remove, then there is the filling in of all the holes again, sanding painting etc etc. Things would of moved on a little quicker if I had been able to get my hand on the correct equipment and tools, living on an Island sometimes throws up the problem of nobody stocking what you need, so for now things have come to a halt, as I now need some pretty big needles, and stuffing, then some wadding and more hessian to finish it off.....I'm running out of steam with this and am seriously considering handing it to a proper upholster to finish it off....



I did however finish off one piece of furniture, (well almost, I'm thinking of painting the legs so I need another trip to B&Q again) a footstool which had an orange cover to it, very 70s, which I thought would make a good practice piece before taking on the chair (I thought I was being ambitious with the chair until I saw what some of the other ladies where working on... a HUGE chaise lounge!) I gave it a new lease of life by adding a patch work cover, then i spotted the colourful edging at the Charity shop and added it to the edge and ... voila much better.

Have you done anything like this given a new lease of life to something? Are you learning new skills in these times to chiconomy?

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  1. Well done - your footstool looks great.

    My other half is the expert at rebuilding things - he has made our alcove unit out of an old wardrobe and built lots of custom shelves etc around the place.

    I do sewing and the like but not brave enough to tackle upholstery. My Mum has a great Edwardian chair I'd love to have a go at but it needs new springs so I think I would be hugely out of my depth!


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