23 Nov 2009

Colour Board.

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the colour grey? If you live in the UK then you can be forgiven for thinking grey is a dreary colour that conjures up thoughts of long cold wet winters, filled with grey skies, but surprisingly grey is growing in popularity both in fashion and in interiors trends for Autumn/Winter2009/10.
Grey is becoming the new neutral colour instead of beige, I always feel that grey is quite a grown up colour, very serious, and sober, but also very chic, and luxurious, its a colour like black and white that is perhaps timeless. What strike me from looking at the above pictures is actually how calming grey can be. Warm greys and grey silver tones can be complimented with pops of bright accent colours of reds and deep pink, aubergines and mustard yellows. The use of textures such as cashmere and wool add a luxurious feel, making you feel cosy and safe. Perhaps in these economic times of unrest, grey is just the colour that we need, providing us with some escape form the stressful world outside.

Credits to:
Living etc magazine, Styling Emma Thomas, Photography Emma Lee
Homes and Gardens Magazine, Styling Kate French/Mary weaver, Photography Tom Leighton/jack Curtis
Toast Styling Leslie dilcock Photography Jonathan west
For more information on colour trends go to mix colour updates

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  1. I'm starting to have a change in heart about grey. In fact just tonight I saw a fab post on decor8 with grey wallpaper and a yellow lamp. Really love that grey/yellow combination.

    For me, I think the grey has to mixed in with a really pinging optimistic yellow or red to truly work. Thanks for the pics - can see another grey/yellow combination in there.


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