14 Oct 2009

Tuesday flower arrangement.

Last night was as usual my flower arranging night, and this has to be my favourite arrangement to date, ( a hand tied bouquet) in fact if I where going to use a flower arrangement to sum up me and my style, I think this would be it. I love these colours together with the use of the rustic twig balls, and then the unruly bits escaping over the edges. The brief for this weeks arrangement was to make a hand tied arrangement, and display it in a bag, most of the ladies bought in nice paper gift bags and boxes, me being me left it until the last minute to get organised and had to improvise with the bag, I used one of those log bags that you buy you winter fire logs in, and actually I think it worked rather well!
Next week is my last week of flower arranging, and I have to say that all in all, I did enjoy it, and have learnt to be more creative with my flowers, I love using flower around my home, and now I will be more creative with my use of flowers.
If you had to pick a flower arrangement to sum your self up what would it look like? something exotic, or modern or perhaps something very country.....

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