22 Oct 2009

Getting side tracked.

OK I know...I know its Thursday and I haven't blogged all week! Mostly because my upholstery course and Tuesday's flower arranging have been keeping my thought process pretty busy, and the other reason is because every time I sit down to blog i get side tracked by new blogs to rummage through, and that's on top of the old favourites.... so in this post I thought I would share with you the blogs that have been keeping me busy.....sorry if you get side tracked too!

http://swissavenue.blogspot.com/ This is a fairly new blog that I came across recently, about an obsessive blog reader (aren't we all) and the dream of living on Swiss Avenue one day.

http://discoverinteriordesign.com/ Found this just a few days ago, and Written by Kristin an interior designer.

http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/ currently doing a 31 days to a better dressed nest, very helpful for getting your home organised. I've done the move a piece of furniture to another room and the give something away assignment.

http://whoopsadaisy-anna.blogspot.com/ Another fairly new blog about Creating a beautiful home on a shoestring....

So there you go my excuse for not being a busy blogger this week, enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the mention - you have made my evening :)

    Anna x

  2. thanks for the links.
    will take a look!


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