23 Oct 2009

Don't forget the clocks!

Well the summer is feeling very much like a distance memory now as the days are getting colder the nights are drawing in and oh don't forget for all you UK readers the clocks go back this Saturday!
What do you like to do to make your home feel more cosy for the winter? I have been following Apartment Therapy's The Fall Cure and also over at Nesting Place, there is a 31 days to a better dressed nest that I have been checking out, which I have found quite nice to follow, bite sized little thing to do each day over the course of the month to help create a cosy home ready for the cold winter nights!
I have moved my two sofas forwards to create a more snug feeling, taken a book shelf from my bedroom and brought it into the living room (I needed somewhere to store my ever growing pile of Homes magazines) added some throws to the sofas and brought back my winter potpourri which I have to say was as good as new after being stored away over the summer.

Hopefully our heating system will be up and running in the next couple of days, we have a solid fuel burner that keeps us pretty cosy in the winter, but its getting an overhaul at the moment to make it work even better, plus its all had to be drained as a radiator came off the wall at the end of last winter so my husband as been busy trying to sort it all out.
What things do you like to do to get ready for winter, do you have a big swap around and get really excited when you first put the heating on? Feel free to let us know.

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