30 Oct 2009

Weekend starts here!

No Folksy Friday finds today, as I'm off for a little weekend break to one of our neighbouring Islands, so see you back here next week, hope you all have a great weekend.

28 Oct 2009


Where you lucky enough to go to the opening of Anthropologie in London? I wish I could of been there, instead I had to settle with giving my daughter strict instructions to go and take lots of photos for me, and I have to say she did not disappoint. I was going to add them all in one post but as there are so many I will split them up into two. Otherwise you could end up with an Anthropologie over dose!

There you have it a tour of the store, whats your favourite photo? I love all the colours, justs makes want to go paint a dresser and fill it up with brightly coloured blankets and throws, I'm here that soon there will be an online shop for all of us UK Anthropolgie lovers, can't wait.
More Photos latter guys!

More Anthropologie part 2

Well I think thats enough for on day, I have more photos but I think I will upload the rest to flick. Hope you enjoyed the tour around the store.
A big thank you to my lovely Daughter for taking the time out and getting snapy with her camera you did a great job.

27 Oct 2009

Gordons back!

I love that whole book shelf arrangement!

Changing Rooms designer Gordon Whistance returns to Home with the second series of Love The Place You’re In.
With the credit crunch still taking its toll on the housing market, buying is riskier and, in some places, more expensive than ever before. With buying property as an investment no longer a popular option, Love The Place You’re In finds out what aspiring property up-graders are doing instead – they are staying put and getting creative; making their existing homes the havens of cool they've always dreamed off.

Throughout the 10-part series, Gordon visits homes from Swindon to Stockport and Bow to Billericay to show homeowners how they can stamp their personality on their private spaces and how to make their home into a bespoke sanctuary.

Once again, Love The Place You’re In will also look at the psychology of interior design, how the British have a unique relationship with their homes, and how the family dynamic can be affected by home environment and decor.

Meet the Burn family from Swindon. With three generations living under the same roof, the family need to make their home work harder. With a budget of £3,000 and several different opinions to contend with, will Gordon be able to work his magic?

Then there’s DIY enthusiast Tracey from Worthing. Tracey is desperate to add colour to her bland neutral lounge, she wants to be bold but lacks confidence. With a budget of £2,000 will Gordon be able to transform her home into a bright place to be?

Love The Place You’re In is'nt about an opportunity to turn a profit but about real people falling back in love with their homes.

Love The Place You’re In, weeknights at 10pm from Monday 9th November on Home (Sky 246, Virgin 265)

Follow Gordon's blog here or visit the love home site www.lovehome.co.uk


I just had to share these photos today, just made me laugh. Spotted them over at yet another new blog that I found nest egg go check it out to find lots more pumpkin inspiration.
Its a real shame that no one has come up with a way to dry out the pumpkin shell, as some the the designs I have spotted are just beautiful, like this lace patterned one below by Martha Stewart, they make a beautiful candle holder lamps.
And if you are a lover of all things Martha Stewart you can get her new book out now called Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts, a 416 page hard back book, filled with over 200 projects with full step-by-step instructions for every technique, catering for everyone from first-time dabblers to the more adventurous crafters; all fully explained and beautifully photographed.

23 Oct 2009

Folksy Friday Finds.

If you have stopped by for the Friday Folksy Find, well I'm giving it a miss this week, and this is because.....ITS JUST TOO TEMPTING.....you see these lovely earrings, I blogged about them last Friday....and then I went and bought a pair! and then there is the lovely wrapping paper here and this picture here, by Amy Blackwell, which are calling to me, but my purse is empty.... so no new shops to look at this week, but you can take a look back at the shops I have already blogged about, just click here to find them all. Do let me know if you are tempted too.....

A little glimpse of my home.

When it comes to the interior of my home, I don't really know what my 'style' is, its a for ever changing and evolving style, partly because when it come to interiors I'm a bit like a child in a sweet shop, one week I love country, the week after I love something else. I am a bit of a magpie for shinny and glass things, and I have little collections of things all over the place. I also love things bought from junk shops and charity shops and if I get up early enough love to go car booting.
So here is a little glimpse of my living room, this is where I spend most of my time when I am at home, usually typing away on the computer in the corner.

Book shelf filled with homes magazines and little collections of things.

Plant pots are great for hanging earrings from!

Cats rule in our home, they get the best seats! And we have 3

A recent discovery, wrapping paper make great posters. Just need to get them framed.

That string lamp shade ended up in my bedroom.

Stones collected from walks on the beach, living on an Island we have plenty to choose from!

Homes books, I have plenty, and i keep Ikea catalogs, anybody else do that?

Fresh flowers, I just love them.
So there you have it a quick tour of my living room, call back next week when it may have completely changed!...only kidding.....
So whats you kind of style, is it something that changes with your mood, do you like to keep up with the latest trends or are you comfy with how your home looks.?

Don't forget the clocks!

Well the summer is feeling very much like a distance memory now as the days are getting colder the nights are drawing in and oh don't forget for all you UK readers the clocks go back this Saturday!
What do you like to do to make your home feel more cosy for the winter? I have been following Apartment Therapy's The Fall Cure and also over at Nesting Place, there is a 31 days to a better dressed nest that I have been checking out, which I have found quite nice to follow, bite sized little thing to do each day over the course of the month to help create a cosy home ready for the cold winter nights!
I have moved my two sofas forwards to create a more snug feeling, taken a book shelf from my bedroom and brought it into the living room (I needed somewhere to store my ever growing pile of Homes magazines) added some throws to the sofas and brought back my winter potpourri which I have to say was as good as new after being stored away over the summer.

Hopefully our heating system will be up and running in the next couple of days, we have a solid fuel burner that keeps us pretty cosy in the winter, but its getting an overhaul at the moment to make it work even better, plus its all had to be drained as a radiator came off the wall at the end of last winter so my husband as been busy trying to sort it all out.
What things do you like to do to get ready for winter, do you have a big swap around and get really excited when you first put the heating on? Feel free to let us know.

22 Oct 2009

Getting side tracked.

OK I know...I know its Thursday and I haven't blogged all week! Mostly because my upholstery course and Tuesday's flower arranging have been keeping my thought process pretty busy, and the other reason is because every time I sit down to blog i get side tracked by new blogs to rummage through, and that's on top of the old favourites.... so in this post I thought I would share with you the blogs that have been keeping me busy.....sorry if you get side tracked too!

http://swissavenue.blogspot.com/ This is a fairly new blog that I came across recently, about an obsessive blog reader (aren't we all) and the dream of living on Swiss Avenue one day.

http://discoverinteriordesign.com/ Found this just a few days ago, and Written by Kristin an interior designer.

http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/ currently doing a 31 days to a better dressed nest, very helpful for getting your home organised. I've done the move a piece of furniture to another room and the give something away assignment.

http://whoopsadaisy-anna.blogspot.com/ Another fairly new blog about Creating a beautiful home on a shoestring....

So there you go my excuse for not being a busy blogger this week, enjoy!

16 Oct 2009

Friday Folksy Finds

Click on Photo to go to shop

This week in Friday Folksy Finds I have just two lovely shops to introduce you to, the first being gama, (also on Etsy here) and is the beautiful jewellery above which I have to say I adore the beautiful colours of the drop earrings, such a lovely colour for autumn, i can imagine wearing them with a simple chic black dress, and tucking my hair behind my ear just so people can see them, I am seriously considering buying a pair.

Click on Photo to go to shop

The second shop is summersville,(who has moved to Etsy here) by Lu Summers who is passionate about colour, fabric and texture. she screen prints and makes her unique housewares and textile work from her studio at her farmhouse in Suffolk, which include wrapping paper, fabrics and posters. I'm loving the wrapping paper (top photo) and the screened printed picture (second down) which is available in 5 other colours.
Both sellers are new on Folksy but judging by the sales already, they are going to be very popular, so if I where you, if you see something you like, I'd get it quick, or before I do!

14 Oct 2009

Tuesday flower arrangement.

Last night was as usual my flower arranging night, and this has to be my favourite arrangement to date, ( a hand tied bouquet) in fact if I where going to use a flower arrangement to sum up me and my style, I think this would be it. I love these colours together with the use of the rustic twig balls, and then the unruly bits escaping over the edges. The brief for this weeks arrangement was to make a hand tied arrangement, and display it in a bag, most of the ladies bought in nice paper gift bags and boxes, me being me left it until the last minute to get organised and had to improvise with the bag, I used one of those log bags that you buy you winter fire logs in, and actually I think it worked rather well!
Next week is my last week of flower arranging, and I have to say that all in all, I did enjoy it, and have learnt to be more creative with my flowers, I love using flower around my home, and now I will be more creative with my use of flowers.
If you had to pick a flower arrangement to sum your self up what would it look like? something exotic, or modern or perhaps something very country.....

12 Oct 2009

Living etc.

Now I know I have already done the Magazine of the Month, but when I caught sight of the November Living etc magazine I couldn't resist it, I was drawn to the front cover by the mix of old and new together, which I love and have decided is a look I rather like, and on closer inspection i find that, the magazine cover is taken from the book A Girl's Guide to Decorating, by Abigail Ahern, who I have been enthusing about recently here. You can see more from her book in the magazine, which I must get my hands on as soon as possible as I keep reading so much about it.
Other features in the magazine of interest is a little snippet about the US fashion and Homes ware store Anthropologie, its coming to London's Regent Street on the 23rd of October! Could we get a little shop here in Jersey please.... No...darn it. I'll have to settle with the fact that my daughter is heading to London this week and I have given her strict instructions to go check it out while she is in London, and maybe take a few pics for me to drool over on her return... some girls get all the luck....
OK back to Living etc, and there is a great article on reinventing a pine kitchen table, paint brushes and staple guns to the ready.... its all about giving things a new lease of life, and giving them a new purpose like turning a table into a bathroom washstand, and talking of customising tables, I'm loving the huge table owned by the Thompsoms, would you let your little ones draw all over your dinning room table? Go check out the magazine its a must have this month, plus find out how you can win £4,000 of great stuff from Habitat....

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