15 Sep 2009

Quick catch up.

Hi all I know its Wednesday and I have not posted anything as yet this week, but my head is buzzing with all the new things I have been learning this week, as you may have read before, this month sees the start of a couple of short courses that I am doing this Autumn. The first being the upholstery course which I started on Monday, and the second was yesterday, a flower arranging course, so my head is filed with all these new things, like magnetic tack hammer, and tack remover, gimp (which I'm still not sure what it is, but apparently I need some, google that later) then there is florist's frogs, and oasis, and names of flowers and leaves that I have to find for next week, so its all go here.
Hopefully I will have some photos to upload by the end of the week, in the mean time I spotted this great chair over at Apartment Therapy and thought wow what a riot of colour!

I'm discovering that while i do like more traditional styles of furniture, I also like a little injection of something more modern, and marrying the two together seems to be doing it for me, not sure how the other ladies will feel when I tell them that I intend to paint my old chair black! So far they are all restoring items of furniture and going down the very traditional route of restoring the wood and adding very traditional fabric and colours.

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